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This is what people have been waiting for, Shanks vs. Mihawk:

On a tropical island in the new world, shanks and his crew are having a party.

Pirate: CAPTAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Shanks: What do you want? my head is killing me.

Pirate: Hawk-ey..............

  • mihawk walks up behind the pirate*

Mihawk: Red-Hair

Shanks: MIHAWK!!!!!!!!!, long time no see

Mihawk: stop with the pleasantries. im not here to talk

Shanks: ooooooooo? then why are you here?

  • mihawk quickly draws his sword and attempts to slash shanks in half*

Pirates: CAPTAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shanks: it wont be that easy

  • shanks ducks down and draws his sword and attempts to cut mihawks feet*

Mihawk: hmp

  • mihawk jumps, standing on his sword, and descends to impale shanks*

Shanks:*jumping out of the way* JEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • a large explosion occurs from mihawk impaling the ground instead of shanks*

Shanks:*walking out of the dust cloud* your serious arent you?

Mihawk:*getting off his sword* im here to test my skill, and to see if im still good enough to hold the title of greatest swordsman.

Shanks: your doubting yourself? thats not like you.

Mihawk:*starts to walk towards the beach* come, i dont have time to talk.

Pirate: captain, your not really gonna fight him are you?

Shanks:*smiling* why not? i think this might be interesting.

  • both shanks and mihawk walk toward the beach and face eachother from a distance apart*

Pirate:*with a scared face* man, i can feel the tension in the a.......*falls unconscious*

Shanks:..............lets go

  • shanks charges at mihawk with his sword drawn*

Mihawk: yes, lets

  • mihawk also charges at shanks*


  • both mihawk and shanks clash swords, making a shockwave envelope the island*

Pirates: WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yasopp: calm down, captains just warming up.

  • mihawk and shanks are still clashing in swords and are attempting to push one another back*

Shanks:*struggling to keep mihawk back* i see you havent lost your touch.

Mihawk:*also struggling to keep shanks back*............................

  • both jump back and charge at eachother again*
  • both go right through eachother*
  • then turn their bodies and clash swords with one hand*
  • again both jump back*

Shanks: i knew this would be fun


  • again both swordsman lunge at eachother and start cutting and slashing eachother from different angles and with acrobatic movements*
  • both continuously cut and slash eachother until finally they both bring their swords up into the air and clash swords once again causing another shockwave. then, jump back.*

Shanks: c'mon, is that all you got? YAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shanks lunges at mihawk and brings his sword up ready to cut down mihawk*
  • mihawk catches shanks' arm with his left hand and with his sword in his right hand attempts to cut shanks' other arm off*

Shanks:*with a scared face* AYE AYE AYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shanks kicks mihawk back with both his legs*

Mihawk: What was that?

Shanks: huh?

Mihawk: i thought this was gonna be a battle of swords?

Shanks: YOU TRIED TO CUT MY ARM OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pirate:*talking to another pirate* thank god too. if that hawk-eye woulda cut captains other arm off, i think i woulda left the crew*the other crew member nods his head*


Pirates: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • benn beckman KOs both the pirates*

Shanks: hey mihawk, where'r you goin?

Mihawk:*walking towards his boat* i can see that your not going to take this seriously. i might as well just leave.

Shanks:*appears behind mihawk* im not taking this seriously huh?

Mihawk:*with a surprised face* huh?

  • dark clouds start to form over the island as shanks stands behind mihawk*

Lucky Roo: UH-OH*bites into his meat* looks like captain is gonna take this seriously after all.

  • both shanks and mihawk stand their in an eery silence and stare at eachother, as the dark clouds start to cover the island*


  • then suddenly both the swordsman grab their swords and get ready to fight*

Shanks:*lets go of his sword* well i guess thats enough excitement for today.

Mihawk: huh?

  • the dark clouds start to go away and the sun starts to shine*

Shanks:*with a smile* hey mihawk, wanna celebrate that we've still got it?

Mihawk:*walks toward his boat*damn you red-hair

Shanks:*runs after mihawk and puts his arm around him* awwwwwwwwww c'mon hawk-eye, try not being serious for once. you might like it. but for now lets go have some fun.

Mihawk:*takes a deep breathe* fine, why not

  • both shanks and mihawk walk toward the red-haired pirates camp, that is already partying*


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