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Shanks vs. Blackbeard Fight Prediction Part 2

ok here is the rest of it:

BB: Zehahahahahahaha how interesting

Shanks:*glaring at BB*.............

BB:i see, its the tokage tokage no mi model:dragon. a very rare mythical zoan. very interesting, i wouldnt mind adding that devil fruit to my collection.

  • shanks sucks in air, and sends a massive fire storm at BB*
  • BB stretches out his hands and arms body width apart*

BB:BLACK HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • a black hole forms between his hands and sucks up all the flames*

BB:Zehahahahah LIBERATION!!!!!!!!!

  • BB sends the flames right back at shanks*
  • shanks starts flapping his wings and sends a massive wind stream at BB, sending the flames right back at him in the process*
  • the envelope BB*


Shanks:impressive, you were able to transform into your phoenix form seconds before you recieved massive damage from the flames, but you still recieved damage.

BB:*panting* Ze..ha..ha..ha

Shanks:your dead

  • shanks zooms at BB*
  • BB transform into his phoenix form and flies high up into the sky with shanks going after him*

Shanks:you wont be getting away

  • shanks stretches out his tail and captures BB with it*
  • BB grabs shanks' tail and nulifies his dragonic powers*

shanks:*in mid air* shit!!!!!

BB:i got you now

  • BB rushes toward shanks and grabs him by the throat while zooming toward the ground*

BB:with me having a hold of you, you wont be able to transform into your dragon form which means you will just smash to the ground.


  • within seconds of hitting the ground, shanks draws his sword and stabs BB in the stomach*

BB:ghaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*letting shanks go in the process*

  • shanks smashes to the ground while BB transform out of his phoenix form and falls to the ground*

BB:ghaaaaaaaa shanks you bastard

  • shanks starts to get up very slowly with his eyes closed*

BB: also, impressive, with a couple a seconds to spare you were able to partially transform into you dragon hybrid form. thus giving you hard as steel skin.

Shanks:*with his eyes closed*...........................

BB:Zehahahahahahaha i knew you wouldnt dissappoint me.

Shanks:*still with his eyes closed*...............

  • then quckily opens them, with that a massive shockwave sending BB flying back*

BB:*falls to the ground* what was that?

shanks:that was my haoshoku haki, i didnt think in a million years i would have to use it on you.*unsheathes his sword* you fought valiantly, but your time is up.

  • out of the water a massive figure appears*

Sanjuan wolf:CAPTAIN!!!!!!!!

  • sends a massive punch at shanks*
  • shanks blocks the massive punch with his sword*

BB:nows my chance

  • BB quake punches shanks in the stomach, sending him flying back in the process*

BB:your late


BB:dont laugh! i coulda been killed. and dont try to copy my laugh, get your own.

  • shanks slowly gets up*

BB:ah red-hair, i see you still wont give up

Shanks:hmp me give up? thats not like me at all

  • points his sword at BB*

shanks:its time we finished this


  • shanks points his sword toward the sky and sends a massive sword slash at BB*
  • BB sends 2 quake punches with both of his hands to counter the slash*

BB:zehahahahaha its over

  • BB sends 2 hydras around the power clash and at shanks*
  • shanks sees this and jumps into mid-air, dodging them in the process*

shanks:you thought that would ge*looks at BB but he's not there* where is he?

  • from the sky BB in his phoenix form sends a quake punch down to shanks while he is in mid-air over the power clash*


  • shanks tries to block the punch with his sword but ends up getting bolted back into the powers clash*


  • half the island shakes and is torn in half*

BB: i had that planned all along. you are so predictable red-hair. how do you think i got those scratches on your eye.

  • shanks is laying on the ground unconcious*

BB:now its time to take your devil fruit

SJW: captain! an armada of navy ships is approaching

BB:shit, its the damn navy

SJW:and kizaru is on one of the ships

BB:SHIT that damn kizaru. i am in no shape to fight an admiral. tell everyone to retreat to the ship, and tell them.....i won*with an evil look on his face*


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