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On an unknown island in the New World, a massive battle is unfolding between the Red-hair Pirates and the Blackbeard Pirates. On one half of the island the crews battle it out. On the other half, the two captains meet again.

Shanks:Teach, or should i say Blackbeard. I've been waiting a long time to face you.

BB(Blackbeard): Zehahaha I see you've still not gotten over that little scuffle we had in the past.

Shanks:*touches his eye scars* Teach, this is one fight you wont be running from

BB:Who said anything about running?

Shank:Admirable *unsheathes his sword* but foolish

  • sends a sword slash straight at BB*
  • BB transforms into a phoenix and absorbs the slash*

Shanks:*in surprise* a phoenix? thats marcos power

BB:Surprised? Marco and those Whitebeard Pirates fought well and died bravely. Zehahahaha

Shanks:*with an angered look on his face* All the more reason for me to kill you right now.

  • runs at BB*
  • BB clamps his hands together and quake blasts the ground*
  • Shanks jumps into mid air to avoid it and sends dozens of sword slashes at BB*
  • BB transforms into a phoenix and flys at shanks absorbing the slashes in the process*
  • Shanks attempts to cut BB, but BB catches the sword with his beak/mouth*
  • With BBs right hand he grabs shanks by the throat and sends poison into his body*


  • shanks kicks BB back with his legs and lands on the ground*

BB:Zehahahaha how'd you like that? i got that one from the warden of impel down after i beat him sensless with my new crew at the time.

Shanks:that still does not make you the better man. ghaaaa

  • the poison starts to spread through shanks' body*

BB:only i have the power to nulify that poison, but dont worry you will die insta WHAT?

  • the poison in shanks' body starts to disappear*

BB:how is this possible?

Shanks:thats what happens when one has mastered haki to the point of perfection like me. not even your posion can kill me.

BB:ahhhhh Zehahaha i guess your a yonkou for a reason. but not to worry, i have plenty or other weapons still left in my arsen*surprised look on his face* agh

Shanks:Teach, you are forcing me to do something i didnt want to do. But if beating you means showing you my ugly side, then i have no choice.

  • shanks begins to transform*

BB:Zehahahahaha i see not even the great Red-haired shanks could resist taking a bite out of a devil fruit.

Shanks:TEACH!!!!!! if i were you i would keep my mouth shut right now

Shanks:*roars* ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Shanks vs. Blackbeard fight prediction

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