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In the middle of the open ocean, two ships are seen with one chasing the other.

Marines: VICE-ADMIRAL!!!!!!!!!!

Garp: get me more cannon balls!!!!

Marines: Yes sir

Garp:(you wont be escaping this time Roger)

  • on the roger pirates ship*

Buggy: CAPTAIN,*crying* please surrender

Shanks: shut up buggy, look at Captains face. there's no way he's gonna surrender

  • roger is standing in the back of the ship with a pleased look on his face, while staring at the attacking ship*


Buggy: WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!

Rayleigh: You heard him men, get to it.

  • the ship begins to turn into the direction of garps ship*

Marine: sir the ship is coming right at us

Garp: that roger, he always wants to be in charge of things. Prepare to pass-by.

  • as both ships near each other, both garp and roger walk to their ship side*

Roger/Garp: DROP ANCHORS!!!!!!!

  • both ships stop while being aligned together side-by-side*

Roger: Its been a while Garp

Buggy:*putting his hands up* WE SURRENDER!!!!!!!!

Shanks:*palms his forehead* how embarrassing.

  • out of no where, both garp and roger lunge at each other and clash fists in mid-air*

Rayleigh: PREPARE FOR BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!

Roger Pirates: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • both garp and roger land on the deck of the oro jackson, and face each other*

Garp: NOW!!!!!!!!

Marines: Yes sir

  • two marines stuff a huge ball and chain into a cannon and fire it at garp*

Roger: I don't think so

  • roger zooms toward garp*

Garp: too late

  • garp catches the ball and chain with his right hand and leaning forward in the process, making roger miss his head-on punch*
  • garp then turns his body to the left with the ball and chain coming around too, and smashes rogers face sending him flying into the back of the oro jackson*

Roger Pirates: CAPTAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rayleigh begins to draw his sword*

Roger: RAYLEIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!, don't even think about it. hes mine, go take care of the guys on the other ship

Rayleigh: Hm, got it. LETS GO!!!!!!!

Roger Pirates: YAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

  • all the roger pirates switch ships and begin their battle with the marines*

Garp: not a smart move on your part

Roger: is that right

  • roger again zooms toward garp*
  • garp swings his ball and chain up into the sky and brings it down on roger with force*

Roger: Not this time

  • with a sudden burst of speed, roger tackles garp through the oro jacksons mast breaking it in the process*

Roger: your screwed

  • with roger standing over garp, he starts to rain down punches on garp*

Marine: VICE-ADMIRAL!!!!!!!!! ah*shanks cuts down the marine*

Shanks: looks like captains winning*turns around and blocks another marines attack*

  • roger continues to rain down punches on the defenseless garp*
  • then suddenly garp catches one of rogers punches while throwing one of his own with roger catching it*
  • roger and garp both are clashing in strength try to push one another back*

Roger/Garp: RRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • garp suddenly pulls his legs in and kicks roger back with him landing on his feet*

Garp:*gets up* hmp, my son punches harder than that.

Roger: If your son punches harder than me then he must be stronger than you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  • then both roger and garp stop laughing at the same time while staring at each other*
  • both suddenly zoom at each other and grab each others hands trying to force one another back*
  • a sudden shockwave from their clash envelopes both ships*
  • then, both let go of each others hands and smash their heads together, again trying to force one another back but with no avail*
  • another shockwave is formed from their head smash*

Garp:*struggling to hold roger back* theres no way your winning this time ROGER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger: Thats what you said last time, and yet here we are.

  • both garp and roger jump back, with bloodied up foreheads*

Roger: Here we go

Garp: May the best man win

Roger:*with an evil face* i will

Garp: hmp

  • both garp and roger again lunge at eachother, but this time both throw continuous punches to face and the body*
  • for several minutes garp and roger endure powerful continuous punches from eachother*
  • finally both jump back and lunge forward, both throwing one last powerful punch*



  • the two fighters punch eachother at the same time with garp punching roger in his face and roger landing a punch to garps stomach*
  • the two fighters stand in the position for about a minute until both get propelled back by thier respective punches*

Marines: VICE-ADMIRAL GARP!!!!!!!!!

Roger Pirates: CAPTAIN ROGER!!!!!!!!!!

Roger:*slow to get up and panting, with blood coming off his face* I am the Pirate King, i will not

Garp:*also slowly getting up with blood coming off his face* I am a Marine, i will not

Roger: i will not

Garp: i will not

Roger: i will not

Garp: i will not

Roger/Garp: LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • both roger and garp are standing straight up looking at eachother with smiles on their faces*
  • then suddenly, garps eyes go blank and he falls to the floor unconscious*
  • roger, barely able to walk, goes over to garp picks him up and drops him off on the marines ship*

Roger: Take care of him

Marine: MEDIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • both the marines and pirates stand down and the pirates return to their ship*
  • the ships part ways with roger and garp on a surgical table*

Roger/Garp:*with smiles on their faces*until next time my friend.


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