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This was out of sheer boredom and its a battle i want to see:

  • at the comic book convention, MDM and Rici meet face to face to settle the score*

Rici: mornin MDM

MDM: so we finally meet

Rici: you know you dont stand a chance?

MDM: oh yea? I AM THE AHO KING nobody can beat m-

Rici: Dickhead code, active

  • Rici writes a code in the air that reads "dickhead" which turns MDM head into a giant dick*

MDM: adgasdgasdgsadfsd

Rici: i cant understand you, your a dickhead

MDM:*ripping the dick off his head* HUH, so you think thats funny

Rici: actually yes i do, it fits you perfectly

MDM: take this, Aho Beam

  • MDM sends a beam right at rici out of his hand*

Rici: ummmmmmm what is this s..............duuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr derp derp derp

MDM: thats my special Aho beam, it turns anybody into an aho at the touch of its power

Rici:*drooling* duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrr

MDM: oh right, your an idiot

  • MDM stops shooting the beam*

Rici:*gets a hold of himself* what? WTF was that?..............why is my face covered in drool?

MDM: i made you into what you really are

Rici: OH? so im guessing your serious now

MDM:*gets his hands ready* i sure am

Rici: my code mastery is unbeatable

MDM: nothing is unbeatable infront of the AHO KING

Rici: Okama code, activate

  • rici writes a code in the air saying "faggot" and fires it at MDM*

MDM: what? what is this? why are my clothes? why do i suddenly get the urge to suck something?

Rici: you you'll find out soon

MDM: ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MDM wipes out all of ricis codes and is furious*


Rici: kamehameha? you cant do that? oh wait yes you can, your an aho

MDM: you got that right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MDM envelopes rici in a massive aho beam*

Rici:*holding his head* AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH my head is about to burst from the stupidity. WAIT, i have one last hope. its a long shot but it could work

  • rici tries to reach into his pocket but MDMs aho kamehameha is too strong*

MDM: HAHAHAHA its useless

Rici:*struggling* i have to do this, its my last hope. I WILL NOT LOSE TO AN AHO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rici reaches into his pocket and takes out a penny. then throws it near MDM"

MDM: hmmmmmmmmm?...........LOOK I FOUND A PENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MDM stops the beam and reaches to grab the penny*

Rici: i knew it would work

MDM:*grabbing the penny* wah?...............*looks at the penny then at rici then at the penny then at rici* aw shit

Rici: ULTIMATE CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rici writes a code in the air thats is so luminous that it cant even be seen*

MDM: noooooooooooooooo anything but that!!!!!!! i hate MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • as the smoke clears MDM is lying on the ground with veins all over his head popping out*

MDM: too......many......equations

Rici:*standing over MDM*......................

MDM: you beat me, now finish me with science

Rici:*holds out his hand to MDM to help him up*...............hey, atleast your not LPK


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