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Revolutionary war Part 6

Heres part 6

on the wrecked battlefield:

  • most of the revo. and WG soldiers begin to get up one by one*

Dragon: SOLDIERS OF THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!

Akainu: SOLDIERS OF JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragon/Akainu: CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All soldiers: YAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • all the revo. and WG soldiers charge at eachother in another clash continuing the massive battle*

Coot:*refoms in snow on the right flank* hehe, that rascal dragon. he really knows how to pump a crown up.*takes a deep breathe * well i guess its time to end this.

WG soldiers:*charging at coot* RAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

Coot: Idaina nadare(Great Avalanche)

  • an enormous amount of snow rushes out of coots body annihilating the charging soldiers and pounding into the 4th wall*

Coot: THIS ENDS NOW, RAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the massive amount of snow starts to push and break the 4th wall*

?????: ICE AGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • all the snow freezes into solid ice and a giant completely shatters all the ice causing a massive explosion*
  • as the dust clears, a large amount of about 2000 marines stand in front of the 4th wall with john giant standing in front of them, for some reason in normal human size*

?????:*to the WG officer* what happened here? why is there a massive crater?


Aokiji: now now, settle down. now what happened?

  • it was akainu, he made a massive eruption incinerating everyone around him and taking out a Revolutionary commander in the process*

Aokiji: that damn akainu, he always takes things too far. where is Commander Kong?

WG officer: he was defeated by dragon.

Aokiji:*his eyes open up in surprise* WOW, Dragon must be pretty strong to have taken out Kong.*takes a deep breathe* ok, im in command now, tell all your soldiers too pull back. the marines will take it from here.

WG officer:*salutes aokiji* YES SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the officer radios all field officers and telling them to retreat to the 4th wall*

Aokiji: Is that all of them?

WG officer: YES SIR!!!

Aokiji: good, now MARINES TAKE THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!

Marines: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the marines begin to charge at tired and battle-weary revolutionaries*

Dragon:*who is facing akainu, takes out a den den mushi* NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • suddenly a MASSIVE explosion occurs under the massive 5th wall*

Aokiji:*turns around* what was that?

  • the 5th wall begins to crumble, and out from under the crumbles of the former 5th wall a large amount of revolutionary soldiers of about 8,000 start to pour out in Mariejois*

Aokiji: SHIT, that dragon is a crafty one. Admiral Giant, take care of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Giant: YES SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the human sized john giant starts to grow massively to the size of oars jr.*

Giant: RAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • giant jumps over the 4th wall and infront of the charging revo soldiers*


  • in his massive size john giant and smashes a bunch of revo. soldiers*

Revo. soldier: TAKE HIM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the revo. soldiers turn their attention to john giant and start to continuously fire at him, but he is SO large that all their shots have no affect on him*

Giant: RAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • giant again attempts to smash the revo soldiers but this time his punch gets stopped by a barrier*

Giant: WHAT THIS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amelia is standing on the right side of the 4th wall with her arms spread out and her eyes closed*

Revo. soldiers: COMMANDER AMELIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amelia:*in a soft voice* there's no need to worry, im her.......huh?

  • aokiji appears by here*

Aokiji: Partisan

  • aokiji sends several ice spears at amelia*

?????: Sen yuki no mai(dance of a thousand snowflakes)

  • the ice spears get shredded by the razor snow*

Aokiji: snow....................damn you coot.

Coot:*appears in front of aokiji in a trail of snow* hehehehehehehe, i've been waiting to meet you. i hear your Hie Hie no mi is quite strong.

Aokiji: your underestimating me, besides your snow is inferior to my ice.

Coot: is that right? hehehehhehe dont get cocky*with an evil face* cause it'll come back to haunt you.

Aokiji: OH HO, thats pretty scary.*puts his arms out* but you still will lose.

Coot: we'll just see about that.

  • coots snow and aokijis ice clash on top of the 4th wall causing a pretty big explosion*
  • in the thick of the battle*

Kuma: Tsuppari Pad Ho(Slapping Thrust Pressure Cannon)

  • kuma, in sumo stance, fires multiple paw like shockwaves at the elusive akuma*

Akuma:*dodging the paws* YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, is that all got?

Kuma:*stops the firing and stands straight up*........................

Akuma: whats wrong? is that all the shichibukai are capable of? HUH?

  • jumps forward at kuma in his inflamed form while getting ready to thow a punch*

Kuma:.......................Target acquired*fires a laser out of his mouth*

  • the lasers goes right through akumas shoulder*

Akuma:*falls to the ground while transforming back to his human form holding his shoulder* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, THE LIGHT, IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kuma:*walking toward akuma* Target

  • points both his palms at akuma with a barrel coming out of his palms that is charging up a laser shot*

Kuma: Eliminated

  • kuma shoots a laser and a paw out from his palms with them combing in the process*

Akuma: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • a massive explosion of black blames erupts from akuma sending kuma flying back*

Akuma:*getting up in his demon form**with a demonic voice* YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD KILL ME?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kuma:*getting up engulfed in black flames*.......................

Akuma:*in a demonic voice* IM GOING TO SEND YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • akuma charges at kuma engulfed in black flames*

Kuma: Target acquired.............

  • kuma uses his palms on himself and repels the black flames into a paw bubble*

Kuma:*holding the black paw bubble with both hands*...............

Akuma:*charging at kuma* YAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kuma:*holding his ground and still holding the black paw bubble*

Akuma:*jumps infront of kuma and gets ready to punch him* YOUR DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kuma lets go of the black paw bubble and in front of him it expands into a large black bubble*
  • akuma goes in one end of the bubble and falls out the other in front of kuma in his human form*

Kuma:*walks up to the unconscious akuma* Target eliminated

  • close to the 4 wall*


  • wind and magma are clashing in explosions all over*

Akainu: I've bee waiting for this for a long time Dragon.

Dragon: I have too, Ivankov told me what you did to my son

Akainu: OH straw hat, dont worry i'll take care of him once im done with you.

Dragon: unlikely

Akainu: huh?

Dragon: Luffy has grown so much over the years that not even you would be able to defeat him.

Akainu: hmp, we'll see about that after i kill you.

Dragon: also*with an evil face* very unlikely


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