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Here we go guys, we're half-way in the battle between Red Hair Pirates vs. Blackbeard Pirates. Heres Battle 4:

  • Raizen is seen standing in the middle of a large amount of ruins*


  • hiding behind a bunch of rocks, jesus burgess is scoping out raizen*

Jesus:(who the hell does this guy think he is? its like hes waiting for me to attack him)


Jesus:*surprised*(how the hell does he know im here?)

Raizen: IF YOU WONT COME OUT *unsheathes his sabre and holds it upside down* THEN I WILL FORCE IT ON YOU

  • raizen cuts the stone jesus is hiding behind in half, but jesus is not there*

Razin:*stares at the empty spot*..................................

Jesus: EAT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jesus jumps out from behind raizen, while carrying a massive boulder, and throws tosses the boulder at raizen*
  • raizen turns his body clockwise and stabs the boulder with his upside down sabre and stops it*

Jesus: WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raizen: you are naive if you think this will even put a bruise on me

Jesus: OH YEA? HOW BOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!

  • jesus jumps up and kicks the boulder with both legs while raizen still holding the boulder with his sword*


  • raizen doesnt get pushed back or anything*

Raizen: i was under the impression that you were gonna do something, but i guess i heard wrong

Jesus: hmp, DONT GET COCKY!!!!!!!!!!

  • jesus punches the boulder with force and destroys it. the boulder turns into small rocks from jesus' punch*

Raizen: What was the point of that? you clearly had me at a disadvantage with my sword in the boulder.

  • jesus appears again behind raizen and attempts to sweep his feet, but when he kicks his leg there is no effect*


  • raizen again turns his body clockwise and attempts to stab jesus*

Jesus:*jumping to his right* SHIT!!!

  • raizen turns his body counter clockwise with great speed and cuts through jesus*

Jesus: GHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raizen:*sheathes his sword* It seems you were not a worthy opponent after all.

Jesus:*reaching into his pocket* where is it? where the hell is it? ahhhhhhhhhhh

  • jesus pulls a spherical pill out of his pocket*

Jesus: Thanks Doc *eats the pill*

Raizen: Hmp, relying on performance enhancing pills. How low will you steep?

Jesus:*gets up with his wound healed* It doesnt matter what means i use, AS LONG AS I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raizen: how disappointing, unlike you i am a true warrior.*unsheathes his sword* Now let the true battle begin

Jesus:*rips his shirt apart and unveals his muscles have grown ten fold with his veins popping out* RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • smashes the ground with both fists*


  • jesus makes a big crack in the ground just from his ground smash*

Raizen: Power alone will not bring you victory

Jesus: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jesus charges at raizen with force*

Raizen:*gets into a stance* come, show me what powers this pill has given you

Jesus: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jesus sends a powerful punch at raizen*

Raizen: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • raizen blocks the punch with his swords hand guard*
  • both fighters clash in strength and try to force on another back with eachothers punches*

Jesus/Raizen: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • suddenly, raizens hand guard breaks from jesus' punch*

Raizen: how unfortunate


  • jesus' punch goes through and punches raizen right in his face sending him flying into a pile of ruins*

Jesus:*puts his arms in the air* WIIIIHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • as the smoke clears, raizen is standing upright and staring at jesus*


Raizen:*takes off his broken sunglasses* i told you before, i am a true warrior

Jesus: DONT GIVE ME THAT CRAP *charges at raizen* IM GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raizen:*walks towards the charging jesus* Those who wish me dead will fall, those who oppose me will fall, those who threaten me will fall,and those tarnish my pride will fall.

Jesus:*cocking his fist back* SHUT THE FUCK U.........................

  • raizen appears behind jesus in a stance*
  • suddenly an erry quiet takes over the ruins*


  • jesus' bulging muscles suddenly retract and jesus falls to the ground with a cross on his chest that has blood pouring out of it*

Raizen:*sheathes his sword and turns around* In the end only one stands *walks away*


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