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I didnt feel like waiting  for somebody else to make it so i will. Ok chapter 690, overall it was a pretty solid chapter. This chapt. made Caesar look like a total fuckin pussy and even more clarifies his case of not being a legit threatening villian. Also, i know Caesar is a villain but the chapt kinda made luffy look a little more ruthless. Also, Gal you owe me 50 beli, Caesar was still up and running after last chapts punch, i win :3. Anyway, he just fuckin wailed on Caesar again and again. I would really like to see Luffy go full power or all out against a worthy opponent.

Now for the part i most care about; Law & Smoker vs. Vergo. I think we can all agree that Vergo is above Vice Admiral level. Although he got one shotted just now by a Shichibukai(Law) he still makes his case for being a very high class fighter. His haki control is pretty insane i mean look at this shit:

I think we might for once be able to say that Vergo is allowed to drop the N-bomb whenever he wants ;) But...........that n-bomb got cut in half :( although i know hes not dead since Law is unable to kill people still the scene with the mountain being cut in half really reminded me of Mihawk cutting the iceberg at marineford. But for the subject of marineford being the prelude makes me wonder what kinda epic shitstorm are we in for. They showed Big Mom,Kid,Hawkins,Apoo,Caesar...........we are in for a treat and i take back that thing i said about Blackbeard creating a DF army cause clearly Doflamingo is making them and supplying them to Big Mom. We are really in for a fuckin treat if things go the way i hope they will

I rate this chapt a 9.5/10!!! Naruto gets a 7.8/10 and bleach gets a 8.3/10. I dont have Reborn anymore ( _ _) so i cant rate that and Toriko is on break till the new years and FT is on friday. I wont put assassination classroom in the weekly rankings and Ao No is monthly so ill put it up the week it comes out. This week its:

1.One Piece