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Alright guys, i think tis time we addressed this. We gotta stop with the power blogs and the 10th member blogs or even the occasional who has haki and who doesnt. I take full responsibly for the whole power blogs debacle with my magellan power blog but 10th member is just annoying. first me with caribou,then jinbe,then when people heard about the prophecy it was all about shirahoshi. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, the 10th member will come or join when oda decides it will. sure its ok to have 1 or 2 blogs about the subject but a new one after every new chapter released? lets stop. now we get to the haki thing, "OMG zoro and sanji know about haki this automatically means i have to blog about it even though 5 other people have made one 5 min ago about the same subject". NO NO NO, STFU. lets try not to make repetitive blogs and non OP related blogs(im looking at you MDM). Lets get back to the golden time of blogging and not the trolling times. Thank you for listening and have a horrendous day, bye.