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Law's Motive and Doflamingo's Buisness Venture

I know i havent made a blog in a while and after re-reading this chapt and seeing Law's creepy smile..yes this one:

it got me to thinking, what is laws motive and what could he be after. Then it hit me..........what if law is going after Doflamingo's porn stash.......not just any porn stash Child Pornography. It makes sense as to why he is having uncle velgo reel the kids in and have caesar keep them under rest for why you may be asking, for the production of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. Yes its clear as day, everybody thinks that that little gassy demonstration is the real deal for all those viewers of the new world but no, its just the co-main event for what is to be displayed on those monitors. its would make all the sense in the world for a man like doflamingo to hit the child pornography market, its a steady and growing market with its stock only on the rise. now that we have cleared that up i would like to remind u people that law is a fuckin creep and a loose cannon. ofcourse this is what hes after and doflamingo sent velgo there to protect his investment. you think that whole creating giants and all that jazz was the real deal? clearly thats a ruse to the real behind the scenes. they dont call him donflamingo for no reason

look at that fine tailored tux and fresh cut rose with those limited edition dolce and gabbana sun glasses. it doesnt get any better than the don. wow my god so many revelations so little time, i leave you now with this petty poll:

Who needs to STFU the most?

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