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i think all that we've been waiting for is gonna happen at one place. i think luffy and his crew are gonna somehow get invloved with the war between the revolutionaries and the world government. during the battle we'll be able to see Dragon in action, and at some point i think we're gonna see luffy finally face-off against akainu. the same thing with zoro. he is gonna settle things with mihawk all on the same battle field. but this time luffy will have his crew to back him up. i mean can u imagine zoro,sanji,franky,etc. in the middle of a war. especially, with their new abilites after 2 years. i think that war is gonna be the war of the century. plus, we might even see doflamingo(my fv. character) finally reveal his abilities, and i think he'll fight sanji because both of them kick when they fight(doflamingo sometimes). Thats gonna be an epic war, what do you guys think?