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I was wondering, Who do you think Luffy hates more? Blackbeard or Akainu. Here we go:

Blackbeard: If it wasnt for him ace woulda never been captured and in the end killed. plus, he rubs it in luffys face at impel down and tells him that he was actually going after him instead of ace. basically making it sound like its luffys fault that ace got captured. Also, he killed or helped kill WB who luffy respected to some degree since he was aces father figure.

Akainu: this guy could be a poster boy for anime villains world wide. this guy mocks ace and his captain and kills him RIGHT IN FRONT of luffy and then went on to attack him. in the process he hurts ivankov and inazuma, then puts a hole in jinbe and luffy at the same time. but the main thing is that he kills ace in luffys eyes and infront of him. geez

Who does luffy hate more

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