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Doflamingo vs. Gekko Moriah

Heres Doflamingo vs. Gekko Moriah:

  • on an exotic island a huge battle is under way

?????: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

  • 2 pacifistas are seen getting blown back and are reduced to scrap, land in a pile of other broken pacifistas*

Doflamingo:*with his legs crossed and sitting on a rock* hehehehehehehehhe im impressed moriah

  • a large slender muscular moriah steps*

Moriah: DOFLAMINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doflamingo: I see you've been working out.

Moriah:*starts to flex his muscles* RAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moriahs shirt gets shredded from him flexing his muscles*

?????: MORIAH-SAMA!!!!!!!!!!

  • a scared hogback and absalom are cowering behind a rock*


Hogback/Absalom: AHHHHHHHHHHHH*both run away*

Moriah:*turns toward doflamingo* now......*but he's not there* WHAT?!!!!!!!

Doflamingo:*behind moriah* Dont worry, ill make it quick

Moriah:*turns around toward doflamingo* HUH?!!!!!!!

  • doflamingo goes right through moriah with his fingers in a weird alignment*

Doflamingo:*turns around* now for the hea...........


  • a giant muscular doppleman slams down on doflamingo with both legs*

Doflamingo:*who is up in the sky* hehehehehehehehe impressive

Moriah: and so is this

Doflamingo:*looks behind him* what?

  • moriah is rocketing down at doflamingo with his iconic scissors*

Moriah:*getting ready to stab doflamingo* YOUR DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doflamingo:*smiles* not

  • doflamingo puts one finger up and bends it down slicing the scissors in half*

Moriah: YOU FOOL!!!!!

Dolflamingo: huh?

Moriah: Tsuno-Tokage(Horn Blade Shadow)

  • moriahs doppleman turns into a long shadow spear starting from the ground and going right at doflamingo*

Doflamingo: hehehe

  • doflamingo curls up into a ball, making him look like a furry pink ball*

Moriah: NOW YOU DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the shadown spear impales the curled up doflamingo*

Moriah: NOW ILL TAKE YOUR SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moriah undoes his doppelman and opens the pink feathered coat with doflamingo not inside*

Moriah: WHAT?!!!!!!!!!

Doflamingo: Your better than i thought you'd be. i guess all that training has paid off.

Moriah: DONT PATRONIZE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doflamingo:*licks his lips* this is getting interesting

Moriah: BLACK STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moriahs doppleman turns into a massive wave storm of bats, 10 times bigger than brick bat*

Doflamingo: hehehehehe impressive. but i've got something better

  • doflamingo puts his hands out and aligns his fingers*

Doflamingo: away with you

  • doflamingo starts to rapidly moves his hands around at the bats, shredding all of them one by one*

Moriah: BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moriah opens his arms out and cancelles the bat storm, making his doppelman come back to his side*

Doflamingo: hehehehehe have you reached your limit?

Moriah: NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moriah:*grabs the doppleman* Kurayami no naka no kage(sword of the darkness)

  • moriahs doppleman turns into a giant shadow sword*

Doflamingo:*smiles* thats a pretty big sword

Moriah:*appears behind doflamingo* TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moriah brings his sword down on doflamingo*

Doflamingo:*points his weirdly aligned fingers at moriah and stops his in his tracks* gotcha, your a fast one. but your training was wasted.

Moriah: IS THAT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doflamingo:*turns his head around* WHAT?

  • moriah is standing behind doflamingo*

Doflamingo: you sneaky bastard

  • moriahs doppelman is standing in front of doflamingo, caught in his puppetry*


  • moriah starts to pick doflamingos shadow up out of the ground*

Doflamingo:*with an evil face* what do you think your doing?

Moriah: HUH?

  • doflamingo appears in front of moriah and tries to kick him*

Moriah: I DONT THINK SO!!!!!!!!

  • moriah grabs doflamingos leg with force*

Doflamingo: DAMMIT

Moriah:*with doflamingos leg in his hand* HOW'S THIS?

  • moriah crushes doflamingos leg*

Doflamingo:*without flinching* is that it?

Moriah: WHAT?

Dolfamingo: if your going to hurt someone i suggest you try this

  • doflamingo puts his right hand out and points it at moriahs head*

Dolfamingo: good bye

  • doflamingo bends his ring finger and breaks moriahs neck*

Moriah: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doflamingo:*with moriah letting go of his leg* i've got to say, i am impressed you've made it this far.

Moriah:*coughing up blood* DOPPELMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moriahs doppelman rushes to moriahs aide and attempts to smash doflamingo*

Doflamingo:*points his hand at the doppleman* dont even try it.

  • the doppleman gets stopped in his tracks*

Moriah: HOGBACK, ABSALOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hogback and absalom rush to moriah*

Hogback/Absalom: MORIAH-SAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moriah:*panting*give me your shadows

Hogback/Absalom:*with shocked faces* what? but why


Absalom: But mori.............

Moriah: SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moriah grabs both hogback and absaloms shadows and rips them off making them disintegrate in the process*

Moriah:*putting the shadows in him* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*moriahs neck quickly heals*

Doflamingo: thats interesting, your able to heal yourself with the shadows that you have stolen. hehehehehe how devious

Moriah: SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM THE KING OF DEPTHS!!!!! AND NOW YOU DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

Doflamingo: I tire of this game. lets get this over-with


Doflamingo: heheheheh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA, you think this is going to affect me? this is nothing, you dont know what true pain is. but i guess you will after im finally rid of you.

Moriah: DONT GET COCKY!!!!!!!!!!

Moriah: FUKA NO KEN!!!!!!!!!!(sword of the depths)

  • moriahs doppelman turns into a massive shadow sword, even bigger than the sword of the darkness*

Doflamingo: Is that it?

Moriah: RAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moriah rockets toward doflamingo*

Doflamingo:Your dead

  • moriah and doflamingo go right through each other, facing eachother back to back*
  • an utter silence invokes the battlefield*


  • then suddenly moriah drops to the ground*

Doflamingo:*limps toward the lying moriah* no matter what training you full fill. you still cant escape destiny.

Moriah: I WILL NOT DI........................

  • blood splatters all over the ground*

Doflamingo: finally someone shut you up. hehehehehhehe HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH*with an evil face* no one can escape destiny.


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