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Since Rici vs. MDM was a success(shut up LPK) i will now do DP vs. Ryu:

  • DP is walking down the street by himself*

DP: hmmmmmmmm who should i make look like a moron next? LPK? nah hes already a moron

  • Ryu out of no where jumps out of the near by bushes in front of DP*


DP: goddammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryu: whats up DP?

DP: will you leave me alone? you know i have a restraining order against you

Ryu: i dont care, im an official badass*takes out card with ryus picture and name on it*

DP:*points at the card* thats a chucky cheese uber-mouse membership card

Ryu:*throws the card on the ground* DAMMIT

DP:*turns around and keeps walking*

Ryu: hey DP, guess what?

DP:*facepalm* what?

Ryu:.................your a fag

DP: OH NO your not getting me into another war this time. the last time i got charged with battery and defacing private property

Ryu: oh yea?

DP: yea, no leave me alone please

Ryu: can you alteast look at the animation i made?


Ryu: PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!


Ryu:*takes out an ipad and shows it to DP* is it any good?

DP: wa?................

  • on the ipad, ryu made an animation of DP being raped by oompa loompas*

DP: you think thats funny?

Ryu: it will be

DP: wait what are you doing?

Ryu: oh just posting it on twitter,facebook,and.......THE ONE PIECE WIKIA


Ryu:*gets ready to press the post button*


Ryu:*presses the send button* oops


  • ryu gets blown back from the ferocious explosion from DP*

DP:*walking out of the dust while emanating flames* you've really done it now

Ryu:*presses a special button on his ipad* now we're talkin

DP:*takes out ipad looking device with the word admin written on it* so you wanna play?

Ryu: wtf is that?

DP: its an admin pad. all the official OP wikia admins are issued one

Ryu: oooooo? well what does it do?

DP:*presses a button*

Ryu:*tries to say something*...............................

DP: you've just been kickbanned from talking

Ryu:*in shock and still trying to say something*.............................

DP: my dream is finally realized, you finally STFU

Ryu:*with an angry face and presses a button on his ipad*...........................

  • out of ryus ipad an army of oompa loompas appear and attack DP*

DP: really?

  • the oompa loompas try to attack dp but a barrier stops them from attacking him*

DP: you stupid tricks can do nothing, I AM AN ADMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DP again presses a button on his admin pad making Ryu lose all his arms and legs*

DP: you've just been blocked for 4 weeks, but dont worry. i wont ban you forever

Ryu:*a sign of relief is on ryus face*......................

DP:*presses a button on his admin pad* do you have anything to say for yourself?

Ryu: i can talk?

DP: well?

Ryu:*crawls over to his ipad and presses a button with his tongue* this is my answer

DP*walking over an looking at whats on Ryus ipad* ? are seri-?

Ryu: just posted it on the one piece w-

  • suddenly ryu completely disappears*

DP:*stomps on ryus ipad and walks away* good riddents and see you in 20 years asshole



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