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Hello One Piece fans and One Piece wikia editors! I bring good tidings! Starting next Thursday, December 12, 2013, One Piece Wikia will be hosting its very own podcast!!!!!!!! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^o^)/*・゜゚・*☆

Yes yes Mr.Lion, tis very exciting news! Here's how its gonna fucking work so listen the fuck up!:

How it's gonna fuckin work

Each Thursday, starting next Thursday, SHB,Calu,and I will be getting together in an undisclosed location(skype >_>) to discuss very important things ( -_-).....tbh not THAT important. Just that weeks OP chapter,random shit we wanna discuss,and answering your questions that we hope you send via the podcast email:

The limit of questions per email is 5. Now with these questions, you can ask whatever the hell comes to mind. Anything you want US to answer, we will try our very best to answer them. We will TRY to get to all your questions but if we dont then idk what to tell you, except for go fuck yourself? Idk

The podcast will generally be 45 min to an hr. If you have listened to the Fairy Tail Wikia podcast that i run over there, you will realize that the format of the podcast reflects that of the wikia it is hosted on. Therefore, i have decided that THIS wikias podcast will be....lets see how should i say this........CHAOTIC! Well we will try our best. It will not just be about one piece,and manga,and anime,etc. We will try to discuss anything that comes to mind. Could be in the real world, could be on this wikia. What's important is that you, the listener, get involved. For this is a COMMUNITY operation.


Now we will ofcourse since as I said, this is a community operation, have One Piece wikia guests on there when we can. That person will come join us on that Thursday and riff with us. About one piece,about life,about how stupid greeks are,etc.etc. We will make that day about the guest. We will try to get to know you so if you wanna be a guest, then you better be prepared to reveal your inner most secrets ಠ_ಠ....Nah jk but it will be fun. If you would like to be a guest, contact SHB,Calu, or I over chat or talkpage and we will try to fit you in. Also, if you have ANY suggestions, please feel free to drop by a PM over chat to any of the podcast members. We encourage your input, because this is about all of us and making this podcast, the best wikia community podcast in the whole wide INTERNET!!!

Quite inspirational if I do say so myself. Now, every Thursday a blog will be posted later in the day(EST) with the podcast stream posted on there, that can be listened through the stream or just go straight to YT and view it. Either way, we will will deliver bitch. The weekly podcast blog will have a buncha other fun shit on there that we will try to incorporate, with MAYBE some help from you guys.

Now what do you guys think? Are you exciting!? ARE YOU FUCKING PUMPED!?!?!?!?! Cause the countdown to the first episode of the OP wikia podcast begins.........NOW!!!!!!!!!!

How pumped are you for this podcast?

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