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SO FUCKING BADASSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God this is exactly what ive been waiting for. Thank god now its confirmed that Doflamingo is gonna kick the straw hats and laws asses. Its one of the rules of shonen. When the main villain arrives early, he always wins. Example: Lucci,Enel,Caesar,etc. YAY im gonna get to  see Doflamingo smack some bitches >:D 

This chapter was a really good chapt, sneaky law switching the hearts :3 what a dick.

Anyway, Baby 5 vs. Franky continues which is also pretty badass. Her DF is a little irrational. By that i mean the weapon weapon fruit? really? Technically anything can be used as a weapon. A pencil can be used as a weapon. A spoon or even fucking styrofoam or bubble wrap can be used as weapons.............<oda logic>

ANYWHORE, things are really turning around for the best in One Piece.  Alot of good things to look forward to with the ending of this arc and a new arc starting soon. This week i give this chapt a 9.5/10!!! Bleach and Naruto were lame. Naruto was too much nakama talking even though Bee was pretty badass. I expected the Bleach chapter to be way more entertaining with the creator of the Zanpaktos and all but NOPE, all i got to see was some hot chicks and Ichigo and Renjis zanpaktos destroyed >:D. FT should be fun this week so we cant rule it out as far as this weeks rankings but no way it beats one piece unless Laxus,Orga,and Jura finally do the threesome fight ive been waiting for. Toriko might beat one piece if what that Giraffe monster smelled what i think he smelled, in that case Toriko and OP might be tied this week. The rankings this week so far:

1. One Piece

2. Naruto

3. Bleach

EDIT: I just saw the Toriko scanalations and it really is what i expected. SHIT IS GOING DOWN

Updated rankings:

1. One Piece

2. Toriko