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Caribou's logia

I think it would have been more appropriate if caribou's logia was a blood logia or chi chi no mi(blood blood fruit). im just saying this due to his insane personallity and the fact that he adore's killing people.

Description: all the properties of a logia, and its strengths. when holding someone by with ur left hand u can suck their blood out of them inevitably killing them and gaining any ability's they had for a short period of time. While with ur right hand u can turn it into weapons such as a hammer or a sword.Finally, if the users blood where to get into the system of another person, then the user would be able to control them for a short time before the users blood completely takes over and kills the person that was being controlled.

Now that sounds like caribou right? at first i thought akainu was gonna have this DF but this just screams Caribou

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