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On a barren desert near a ruined town Akainu and Crocodile stand face to face, ready to fight.

Akainu: Looks like I finally caught up to you

Crocodile: And why is it that you want me so badly?

Akainu: Hmp, dont flatter yourself, Im just here to take care of someone that should've been taken care of long ago.

Crocodile: And how do you plan to do that? Mr.Fleet-Admiral

Akainu:*starts to heat up* crocodile, you of all people should know what i am capable of.

Crocodile: Hahahahaha dont get cocky akainu, you may be the Marine Fleet-Admiral but your in my world now.

  • crocodile readys his hand*

Crocodile: Desert Spada

  • crocodile sends a torpedo like attack through the sand splitting it in the process and at akainu*

Akainu:*standing idle* useless

  • crocodiles attack cuts akainu in half*

Crocodile: And i thought you admirals were supposed to be strong*starts walking away*

Akainu: CROCODILE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crocodile:*turns around in surprise*

Akainu:*cut in half in his lava form* if i were you i wouldn't turn my back to my opponent

  • both halfs of akainu reform into two akainu's*

Both Akainus: Magumakurōn(magma clone)

Crocodile: looks like im gonna be working in this one

  • both akainus run strait at crocodile*

Crocodile: Doble Sables(double sandstorms)

  • crocodile sends two sandstorms one after the other at the two akainus*

Akainus: Dai Funka

  • both the akainus send a magma fist at the sandstorms coming at them*
  • the magma fist go right through the sandstorms and have no effect on them*

Akainus: Damn

Crocodile: Ha brute force wont work in the desert

  • both akainus try to dodge but their legs are stuck in the sand and get pulled down like quick sand*

Crocodile: Desert Girasole

  • the sandstorms hit their respective targets*


  • two massive columns of magma shoot up out of the sandstorms and come together in the sky forming into one akainu*

Akainu: I was expecting more from that little test run, but i think now its time to get serious.

Crocodile: Hmp, dont make me laugh. You have nothing to counter with. out here i am god.

Akainu: Dont get ahead of yourself there crocodile. this fight hasnt even started

Crocodile: Desert La Spada

  • crocodile sends several several solid blades with fan-shaped edges at akainu*

Akainu: Ryusei Kazan

  • akainu sends several magma fists at the sand blades countering and stopping all of them*
  • akainu goes into magma mode and shoots off right at crocodile*
  • crocodile accepts the challenge and shoots off in sand mode at akainu*
  • akainu's magma covered fist and crocodile's hook clash in a massive explosion*

Akainu:*trying to force crocodile back* thats a pretty sturdy hook you got there.

Crocodile: You lose

Akainu: What?

  • under the clash of fist and hook, in crocodiles hand a small twister forms*

Crocodile: Sables: Pesado(sandstorm heavy)

  • a massive shock-wave occurs forming into a massive sandstorm*
  • in the middle of the sandstorm crocodile walks out like a boss*

Crocodile: Thats what happens when you get cocky

Akainu: You naive fool

  • akainus voice is heard from somewhere*

Crocodile: Where?

  • the ground starts to rumble*

Crocodile: THE GROUND

Akainu: Inugami Guren

  • a massive magma dog rockets out of the ground, turns around and heads straight for crocodile*

Crocodile: Sables: Pesado

  • the magma dog and the massive sandstorm clash in a humongous explosions knocking crocodile back*

Akainu: im impressed*reforming out of the magma all over the ground*, you are able to counter all of my attacks. but your efforts are wasted.

Crocodile:GHA!!*crocodile coughs up blood*

Akainu: Your time is up

Crocodile:*with an evil look on his face* you think im finished? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA*phsykotic laugh*

Akainu: It seems all this freedom has gone to your head. people like you done deserve to live and im here to make sure of that.

Crocodile: I am not going back to that hell hole you call a prison

Akainu: looks like you werent listening. im here to exterminate you.

  • several sand twisters form around crocodile*

Crocodile: We'll see about that

Akainu:*magmafies both of his arms*

Crocodile: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • crocodile sends all of the twisters at akainu at once*

Akainu: Looks like your going all out. fine, Daburu Funka(double great eruption)

  • akainu sends two massive magma fist at the sandstorms, then combining them into a mega magma fist*

Akainu:' 'Dai kibona funka(massive eruption)

  • the twister and giant magma fist clash in an explosion of epic proportions*

Akainu: All that work and you still lose. hmp, pity

  • the mega magma fist overcomes the several sandstroms and goes right through crocodile crystallizing him in the process*

Akainu:*walking towards the crystallized crocodile* dont worry ill make it quick

  • magmafies his right arm and gets ready to destroy crocodile*


  • akainu gets thown back by an unknown force, then reforms*

Akainu: You!!!!


  • ivankov is seen standing on a dune with several other unknown unique looking characters*
  • on the large dune behind them a man on a horse arrives*

Akainu: Well wattaya know, its my lucky day

  • dragon is seen mounted on a horse on the large dune with his iconic smile*

Dragon: It seems fate has brought me here.


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