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I have to say I'm shocked and disappointed at the same time. I always thought of One Piece in general and especially Luffy as very original ideas, that is till I started watching dragon ball (NOT Z), and I was getting bummed out more by the episode.

I'm now at episode 25 and feel like I have enough resources to state: Luffy is a rip-off.

Each trait that you thought is luffy's is originally goku's, and he played them much better as they suited him (as a kid who doesn't know anything about this world who lived by himself so far), while they actually made luffy appear stupid (although still likeable traits).

Reactions to the unknown, friends, enemies, hunger, food, strong people, bad people turning good, etc etc etc and I mean etc etc etc.

And I say again not just luffy, the progression of the storyline, introduction and development of characters, everything is the same slap stick same.

If you do not believe then watch and weep.

And spare us the comments people who are just one piece racist who havent watched DB, because I was like that, and now..I CHANGE MY MIND.

although don't get me wrong I still think its a good show and gonna keep on watching it.