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He was in Roger's crew so he should know about one piece, the void century, Raftel and everything. And I find the idea of him and buggy being left out disappointing, Roger wasn't that kind of man. Some people say they were left out because they were mere cabin boys or apprentices, or they weren't mature enough or whatever. It just doesn't enter my head.

Imaging a couple of the straw hats getting left out of finding everything out in the end!! wouldn't that ruin the story.

Can shanks be doing all of this just for the title of pirate king? and if he's on a standstill with the other yonkou it either means they all know where it is or none of them do.. the latter being more convincing as Whitebeard refused to be told where Raftel is.. unless he found out later by himself??

???? confusing ? what do you think.