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How did luffy really defeat enel? In the manga nami said that luffy is Enel's natural enemy because of his rubber buddy which is insulating to Enel's electricity. It first sounded cool and a bit exciting seeing luffy going against a logia that he has an advantage against after having to see him in arabasta getting hiss ass handed to him by crocodile too many times that it pissed me off. He still worked very hard to win against enel but was able to deal him damage even though he was a logia.

There is no rational explanation of how luffy touched enel, I get that luffy has a rubber body which makes him untouchable to electrical attacks however that doesnt enable him to punch through electricity or nullify Enel's devil fruit power, especially with a huge ass kintama attached to his hand, and as I recall it was made from gold which is a good electrical conductort, and he supposedley charged it with Enel's lightining storm before the punch.

Which leads to my question.. What is up with that?