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I've been thinking about writing a blog for some time now but no exact good topic has yet come to my mind, that is why I'm dedicating this one for a selection of some small topics I've wondered about and would appreciate opinions on.

1. Haki:

During the war in Marineford after Ace's Death, when Marco and Vista Slashed Akainu, he just complained about how pesky it is to brawl with haki users, unlike Aokigi who spat blood after being bombarded by Jozu, and Kizaru, who was sent flying by Marco (Not that it affected him alot thought).. So what decides dealing damage when it comes to fighting with haki, do pople with more will power dominate. If so, then Luffy stands unmatched.

2. Ace:

Portgas D Ace, the mystery character, the drama queen..

I Always wondered why Ace never learned Haki. He showed his ability to use it when he was young, and he was surrounded by people using the ability in the Whitebeard pirates, he was captain of the second division, people below him knew how to use the it, yet sadly enough, he died without ever getting the honours. Ace lost to both Blackbeard and Akainu, whom I'm pretty sure will will get beat by Luffy. Such a sad ending for AXCE.

3. One Piece:

When will One Piece End,.. as far as my calculations go, then theres more to come. There was a recent blog about the dreams of the straw-hats, which got me thinking about how many more arcs are we still looking at.

Luffy's dream will end at Raftel, the arc will contain all the flashbacks that will explain Gol D Roger's life, One Piece, and alot more. Zoro's I persume will end assisting Luffy and in the process becoming the greatest swordsman (Probably by defeating Shilew during Luffy's and Blackbeard's death match), Nami's dream will also end at Raftel, because as far as Oda is concerned, The world of one Piece that Nami knows will come to an end at Raftel, Chopper's will achieve success in medicine but will stop at Raftel, Franky...Raftel, Robin...Raftel.

Sanji's dream is kind of a teaser,.. All Blue.. such a mysterious place.. I have no idea if that is near Raftel or otherwise, what material can Oda create for it. Will he turn One piece into a cooking manga for an arc, or should we expect to see Sanji kick some serious ass to liberate his favourite fishery from the evil forces lurking behind.

Ussop's dream to visit Elbaf. I do not think we will see this one, I think after the storyline finishes, Ussop may take the Ussop Pirates with him to a visit to Elbaf. But he will become a brave warrior.

Which leaves Brook, Whom I dont think will get to see Laboon Before finding One Piece, which means he might have to wait till after finding One Piece.

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