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  • Ichigostop

    The Hunter's Eye

    June 21, 2011 by Ichigostop

    according to SBS 61, the question about Sanji's look after the timeskip. Oda said Sanji is still the same and nothing changed about him except the goatee. His answer read as if Oda is not aware of the eye switching as he clearly didn't know what the question is pointing out to. He even chose "illustration mistake" which further shows his ignorance about what is going on.


    D: There's something that ReAaaaaLy bothered me so I took a pen for the first time! And so, the '[1]'question is Sanji's *BAM*! 2 years later.... IT'S JUST PLAIN OUT THERE!!! And why hide the *GGGGG*?? Please chouse out of my speculations below!

    ① Illustration mistake ② Image change ③ He's actually a twin named Yonji. P.N.Aoya

    (*San in Sanji is 3 so this person changed it t…

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  • Ichigostop

    I tried my best to make this post as cohesive as possible, but dang, to no avail.. it may come across as a sketchy read.. because it is.

    Here Goes..,,..

    1. Monkey D Dragon's ability:

    In my opinion, a wind logia would suck. I mean what is wind anyway? it's the movement of gas (air: which is a mixture of gases), which is already everywhere. So Dragon, if indeed a wind logia, would be able to disappear as a gust of wind in thin air (becoming invisible like Absalom?) It sounds ridiculous to me. A weather paramecia sounds far more plausible, or a paramecia which could affect air movement in an indirect way, like heating or pressure control. But still, wind powers in my opinion come close to whitebeard’s power, I mean besides blowing his enemies aw…

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  • Ichigostop

    Hello everyone,

    I once edited Marco's page by deleting the word unique from the main paragrapgh but it was changed back as fast as you can say fast. I still don't understand why people persist on it being unique.

    Aren't all devil fruits unique? I remember once coming across someone in the manga or anime describing Marco's regenerative ability as unique, but that doesn't mean people should put that much emphasis on it.

    Please don't argue by saying "Marco can regenerate and get rid of all the damage he received, a trait which no other devil fruit or ability user (or non-user for that matter) pocesses"

    My response is Luffy can stretch, while no other character can, because he ate a fruit which made him rubber. Isn't that unique. Robin can sprout …

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    A Plethora of Topics

    April 15, 2011 by Ichigostop

    I've been thinking about writing a blog for some time now but no exact good topic has yet come to my mind, that is why I'm dedicating this one for a selection of some small topics I've wondered about and would appreciate opinions on.

    1. Haki:

    During the war in Marineford after Ace's Death, when Marco and Vista Slashed Akainu, he just complained about how pesky it is to brawl with haki users, unlike Aokigi who spat blood after being bombarded by Jozu, and Kizaru, who was sent flying by Marco (Not that it affected him alot thought).. So what decides dealing damage when it comes to fighting with haki, do pople with more will power dominate. If so, then Luffy stands unmatched.

    2. Ace:

    Portgas D Ace, the mystery character, the drama queen..

    I Always…

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  • Ichigostop

    Enel's Weakness

    March 9, 2011 by Ichigostop

    How did luffy really defeat enel? In the manga nami said that luffy is Enel's natural enemy because of his rubber buddy which is insulating to Enel's electricity. It first sounded cool and a bit exciting seeing luffy going against a logia that he has an advantage against after having to see him in arabasta getting hiss ass handed to him by crocodile too many times that it pissed me off. He still worked very hard to win against enel but was able to deal him damage even though he was a logia.

    There is no rational explanation of how luffy touched enel, I get that luffy has a rubber body which makes him untouchable to electrical attacks however that doesnt enable him to punch through electricity or nullify Enel's devil fruit power, especially …

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