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  • Hustleshine

    when i was browsing some vids in youtube. i search something about the supernovas in the new world video. i came up with this. it was from the episode 513. I would like to inform you all that in the 2:47th of the video, brownbeard doesn't have any crocodile lower body rather than just pair of legs. well i accept the ope ope no mi theory but i would just like share this with you guys. you can also put some opinions in the comment section even its cotradictory or accepting my opinion its fine.

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  • Hustleshine

    Who's Shichibukai?

    February 8, 2012 by Hustleshine

    So the Topless Literally guy was after a warlord. so who do you think it is guys? in my opinion its trafalgar law. he stole the top half part of that man .

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  • Hustleshine

    Alright.. so this is my first blog ever in here. So well, i would like to share some of my thoughts about this Big Mam and the 9th and 10th strawhat crew member. well its 12 midnight here in the Philippines and I'm sorry for some errors and hope you give some of your ideas. Alright, now let's talk about Big Mam's power first. Every One Piece lover knows that a yonko, is a fuckin yonko. Government don't give a shit with them that easily. They're emperors at the new world where all nightmares are happening when your sleeping but mostly when your awake. In this part about the yonko stuff, this is not a wise guest because it is already been explained well in the series even not that clear or else. well now it's about my thoughts about this wom…

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