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Hello all, I've barely been active on this wiki and so as the New Year heads this way, I want to change that. Marcus Junior said I could write a review of Chapter 651, so I did just that. Speaking of the New Year, my first review will be the last chapter of 2011.

Chapter 651 - The Voice From The New World

The Fishman Island Arc has been stretching on for a while, which is odd for the first arc after the Time Skip. However, this new chapter has brought on promises that may show some excitement coming our way once more. Caribou was unclimactically defeated by the Straw Hats, well more like Luffy alone, which may have just been more of showcase (or lack of) of Luffy's newfound strength. While I find it neat Luffy kicks the asses of well-deserved antagonists, I was hoping for Caribou would get a good fashioned Gomu Gomu no Gatling to the face. However the chapter reveals there are bigger fish to fry, and I mean BIGGER. So recently this wiki has gotten a fake (but very convincing) scan of Big Mam, which fooled me at first, but was proven to be more than wrong, oh so very wrong.

Big Mam appears as a monstrous, shadowed creature that is quite frightening, and we see that she definitely has the "bad boss" vibe to her, eating a crew member alive and gluttonously sitting on her side as she demands candy from other islands. We also get introduced to some of her major crew members: Pekoms, a lion with cute eyes that take away his vicious appearance, and Baron Tamago, a dapper gentleman with long legs that parallel the longarm tribe. These two made me smile, as I am reminded of Oda's past characters, I've always been a fan of the quirky characters who have weird personalities or are odd in appearance, and I hope to see more of Pekoms, Baron Tamago and I shouldn't forget Bobbin, another strange character who we have yet to see more of.

As usual there are One Piece's funny moments within this chapter, such as another jab at Zoro's sense of direction, Sanji's imagination of Big Mam, and Luffy irrationally answering the Den Den Mushi a la Impel Down.

What definitely got me was the end of the chapter, where Luffy boldly declares war on Big Mam for Fishman Island. I cannot wait to see where this will go!

I give this chapter a 9/10. I feel it was another one of the better chapters of this long arc, and it introduces more major characters, and foreshadows a great battle happening (Unless the Lola theory is true).

Thank you guys for reading my first review. I think I may do this more often!