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So as I was watching a One Piece AMV, and I saw Law crying for Lami in front of the hospital and randomly remembered a theory that Lami never died. So then I started wandering what happened to her if she wasn't dead.

A couple of minutes later I decide to reread the latest One Piece chapter since this week's is coming out soon and as I saw Purin I wandered how the weeding would be cancelled.

At first I was thinking something like Romeo and Juliette with a Strawhat touch and imagined that Purin would get 'kidnapped' and so on...

Suddenly it clicked... What if Purin was Lami? As I compared the child and adult I noticed they had the same eye shape and both have light hair.

Wouldn't it be intresting if Luffy kidnapped Purin to take her back to Law? And that would totally be a fiting touch to the arc.