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    So as I was watching a One Piece AMV, and I saw Law crying for Lami in front of the hospital and randomly remembered a theory that Lami never died. So then I started wandering what happened to her if she wasn't dead.

    A couple of minutes later I decide to reread the latest One Piece chapter since this week's is coming out soon and as I saw Purin I wandered how the weeding would be cancelled.

    At first I was thinking something like Romeo and Juliette with a Strawhat touch and imagined that Purin would get 'kidnapped' and so on...

    Suddenly it clicked... What if Purin was Lami? As I compared the child and adult I noticed they had the same eye shape and both have light hair.

    Wouldn't it be intresting if Luffy kidnapped Purin to take her back to Law?…

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