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The first thing I noticed was the number. 7-11. How cool can that be? When I read that last chapter, I thought, Dwarves? That's going too far. I had a little doubt in my soul that it was gonna become wacky but these dwarves are really AWESOME! I mean, they have enormously powerful strength and they have devil fruits that they were born with. I think that sounds suspicious.

Okay, I have a crazy theory. Somebody came to Green Bit with a weapon that had the Sew-Sew fruit and they took it by force, threatening to take that person's clothes off. He gave it to them and they acquired that power somehow, maybe they melted the weapon or something, and ever since they have been hoping to gain more powers.

The thunderous soldier of rage is Rebecca's boyfriend, I guess. Maybe that means that these toys were once people?! I have a suspicion that Doflamingo did it, and that Rebecca wants to win the tournament for Sol because: Maybe the Mera Mera no Mi reverses the effects or the winner of the tournmaent can request something from Doflamingo?!

Law. Is. Screwed. He looked mindblown when he got that DenDen Mushi from Sanji. He got the whole government, even the newspaper, which is probably monitored maybe by the Gorosei, tricked them. I didn't get at that part if Fujitora was working with Doflamingo, but I guessed he was. You guys remember Absa?

He is probably the owner of the newspaper, maybe that guy that Doflamingo talked to in the Post-war arc. Doflamingo killed Moriah, so that guy could have paid him back. That led me to think about something. Why do the Marines want Caesar? Are they so corrupted that they ended up working with Kaido? Or did Doflamingo trick them as well and they want to make Smiles or themselves. I have no idea abou that.

Last thing. How did Sanji figure that Doflamingo didn't actually quit the Schichibukai?  I suppose it has somethng to do with Violet. She said she wanted to kill somebody from the Doflamingo family, and it is said that the women in Dressrosa stab their husbands if they cheat on them. It could be that Violet was the wife of someone in the Donquixote pirates and he told her their plans. Then, he cheated on her and she wanted to kill her but he was too strong. That's all this for this chapter. Thanks for reading this! It's my first blog post, hope you like it!