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Cover Page: Gaburu came to the rescue! Go big bro-dude!

Page 1:

Corrida Colloseum

Luffy: Gomu Gomu no Hawk Rifle!

Don Chinjao: unghhhh!!!!!

Gatz: This attack- is this… Mugiwara Luffy!???!!!

Gatz facafaults : How didn’t I notice that until now???!!!

Crowd: Luffy???!!!

Page 2:

Gatz: The man from the ‘Worst Generation’ that caused the Tenryuubito incident  is in the colloseum!

Colosseum balcony

Burgess: Uoohhh!!! Straw hat guy! I wanna fight him! I should probably tell captain about this…

Bartolomeo thinks: Blackbeard of the Yonko….

Page 3:

Luffy: Oops! I wasn’t supposed to let my identity leak…

Gatz: WHAT!!!???

Luffy: Shishishi…

Chinjao: Get serious you little brat!

He punches Luffy but Luffy dodges

Page 4:

Luffy: Oi Oi, Old man, be careful.


Luffy: I meant to be careful not to get hurt yourself. Gomu Gomu Pistol!!!!!

Page 5:

Luffy hits him right in the place where he hit him with the Hawk Rifle.


Luffy: Just a little touch in the place where I hit you before, and you’re down.

Chinjao falls down.

Luffy: YAY!!!! I won!!

Page 6:

Gatz: What an intense battle! Mugiwara Luffy of the 400 million Beli bounty has defeated Don Chinjao of Hananokuni, with a bounty of over 500 million! What has happened to him in these two years?!

Luffy: Ace, I’m getting closer to your fruit.

Outside of the colloseum

Sanji facepalms: Dammit Luffy, why do you have to be so reckless

Kin’emon: Oh yeah, that’s Luffy!!!!!

Page 7:

Bastille: Commodore Tuga, take your unit and search for the Strawhats!

Tuga: Yes sir! (Tuga is a tall human with long dark hair and sharp features. He has a long sword about two times his height.)

Bastille: Also, don’t attack them. They could defeat you easily.

Tuga: Sir.

Sanji: Shit, they’re after us.

Bastille: Oh, and they might have disguises on, so watch out.

Page 8:

Sanji facefaults: Come on Kin’emon-kun! The Marines are after us!

Kin’emon: Ooooh!!!! How will we escape!!!!???

Sanji whispers: Be quiet, for god’s sake.

Kin’emon whispers: But you were shouting as well.

Sanji: Whatever! Grab my hand!

Kin’emon: How unmanly…


Page 9:

Kin’emon grabs his hand.

Sanji: Sky walk!!!

Sanji starts walking on the sky.

Kin’emon: Amazing Sanji-kun!!

Sanji: So, where is this Toy Factory…

Page 10:

Tuga: Hey, what is that thing in the sky…

Marine: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…

Tuga: SHUT UP!!!!

Tuga: I think, that is…. Black Leg Sanji of the Straw Hat Pirates, with a bounty of 77 million Beli.

Marine: We better tell this to vice-admiral Bastille…

Page 11:

Tuga: I think I’ll try to take him down…

Marine: But…

Tuga: I don’t care… what Vice-Admiral Bastille says.

On the Sunny

Nami: How are we supposed to sail this thing… WHY THE HELL DID HE TELL US TO DO THAT!!!

Brook: Calm down, Nami-san, you have to be level-headed. WE’RE DEAD! Even though I’m already dead. Skull joke! Yohoho!

Page 12:

Jora: You’re not dead-zamas! You are art! I should put you into a museum-zamas!

Exhibit glass!

Nami, Chopper, Momo and Brook get trapped in glass panels.

Jora: Now I will put you into my museum and you will live forever as art! Zazazazazazamas!

Brook: That is a strange laugh.


Nami: WHO THE HELL DID!!!???

Page 13:

Ring ring ring!

Jora: Hello, this is Jora.

???: Hello Jora, I hope you didn’t get carried away again Behehehe.

Jora: Oh, Trebol-sama. No, I didn’t get carried away at all.

Nami: YES YOU DID!!!

Trebol: Did you capture the child?

Jora: Which child?  She whistles.

Page 14:

Trebol: I hope you didn’t turn him into art.

Jora: Art? No, no.

Trebol: Yes you did.

Jora: Fine, fine, I did. But I won’t let you take them away-zamas!

Zoro: Nami, Brook, Chopper, are you okay?

Page 15:

Jora turns around: Hm, who is that?

Nami: Zoro!

Trebol: …

Zoro: Oni-Gir…

Page 16:

Jora: Broken-Fu Art!

Chopper: …?

Zoro: WHAT!!!???

Nami: Even Zoro…

Jora: Art will prevail!!! Zazazazazazamas!

Page 17:

Wicca: Mini kick!

Wicca kicks Jora in the face and she falls on the ground, knocked out.

Brook and Nami: A DWARF!!!???

Chopper and Momo’s  eyes glow: Super-cool!

Zoro scratches his head: Sorry I wasn’t much help. Thanks Wicca.

Wicca: No problem.

Page 18:

Nami: Get us out of these panels!

Zoro: Um, Well, my swords are kind of twisted now.

Wicca: Mini-kick!

The panels crash.

Trebol: Hello…

Zoro: Who is that?

Trebol: This is Trebol.

Wicca: That’s Trebol, the Club seat, one of the five strongest members of the Donquixote Pirates!

Zoro: Shit...