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Hiya guys. I got inspiration from Vaz's prediction, so I'm gonna do an overall prediction, not a page by page.

Basically, I think chapter 718 will conclude the fight between Lucy and Chinjao, and Luffy's identity will finally leak. Luffy will probably come up with some Gear second + Haki technique and it will be friggin' awesome. In the end, Chinjao will give up and Luffy will say that he's the only one that'll get the Mera Mera. Bellamy is admiring Luffy more every minute, and he really doesn't want to kill him. He will give up the heart seat for that. Bellamy tries to run away, but Diamanté catches him and smiles devilishly, saying that he will be tortured severely if he doesn't kill Luffy. Bellamy proceeds to assassinate him. And finally, I think there will be a little thing at the end where somebody is sitting in a chair, in the shadows. he is revealed to be the spade seat, and he says some commands. In the final page you will see beneath him a huge factory of dwarves working. That's about it.