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What Are the WBP doing right now?

As mentioned by DSP in his fanfic Yonko War, the WBP are in a secret base in the Shizun Quad(correct me if I'm wrong.) What could they really be doing right now?

After a loss of two of their main powerhouses and the loss of Yonko status, what are they doing?

It could be they are:

  • Led by Marco, Jozu, Vista or some other DC and are independent pirates in the NW.
  • Work under some Yonko, possibly Kaido. I think so because: They hate BB, they have a rivalry with the RHP, the BMP already have Jinbe working under them so I don't think Oda will make another main pirate crew work under her. That leaves Kaido.
  • They could have disbanded, each of them doing his own thing. Maybe one of them was the seventh Shichibukai. (Not very probable, because they were very close, almost like a family.)

What do you think the Whitebeard Pirates are doing after the TS? Leave your replies in the comments. (I apologize for overuse of acronyms, I was just in a hurry.)

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