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Insane Predictions Time!

I've had this crazy prediction in my head for a pretty long time, but just now I got the time to open an account here on the wiki. (Even though it takes exactly 3 minutes).

  • Ancient Weapon number one: Pluton, a humongous warship with incredibly destructive power.
  • Ancient Weapon number two: Poseidon, mermaid princesses that can control Sea Kings.
  • Ancient Weapon number three: Time travel object?

I don't know, but it sounds pretty logical to me, if I think about it. The Ancient Kingdoms created those three weapons to wage war with the twenty kings, so they must all have use over a long time.

A ship has blueprints and can be built, the mermaid princesses go through the generations, and the third one? Uranus? It is logical that it would be a time travelling machine that would enable the user to  go to the time of the Ancient Kingdom (Perhaps Atlantis) and learn their secrets. But the Atlantians (I'm gonna use that name even though it's completely unsure that the kingdom is even Atlantis) wouldn't want to let anyone use the time machine, especially not someone allied with the World Government( previously the twenty kings). Maybe only pirates would be able to use it, or maybe only people that had the Will of the D. All of the people that had or have the Will of D, with exception of Garp and Saul, are not affiliated with the World Government, and even they don't particularly agree with the extreme beliefs of Absolute Justice.

This prediction was weird enough till now, but here comes the insane part.

Madam Shyarly predicted that a man with a straw hat would destroy Fishman Island, but she did not say that it would be Luffy. Also, in her vision of the prediction, the man's features were blacked out. That means it could be three people: Roger, Shanks and Luffy.

I'm jumping to a long time before the storyline takes place, and Gol D. Roger, the man capable of time travel, finds Uranus. He goes to Atlantis. A jump back to the current storyline. Luffy is on Fishman Island, perhaps it is already under his protection and maybe it isn't. He finds Uranus. He travels back to the ancient kingdom. A time loop is created and Luffy and Roger switch places, Luffy goes to Atlantis and Roger to Fishman Island.

Roger, for some reason, destroys Fishman Island. For the purpose of this prediction, it wood be more plausible that Fishman Island was still under the ownership of Big Mom. Roger understands that Big Mom is the villain but since she is strong, he uses and overpowerful attack and destroys the island.

What Luffy does in Atlantis is for another post.

Yeah! That will never happen, but it would make a good fanfic.

Thanks for reading this long and/or dreary prediction.