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Totally badass! We're 30 chapters into the Dressrosa arc and we already got split into three teams,and now three different teams. Team 1: Protect Butthead and Shiza! Team 2: Destroy SMILE factory and dwarf liberation army! Team 3: Don't get full of yourself, Luffy, it's an admiral and the MOST POWERFUL SHICHIBUKAI FOR GODS SAKE! And get Law back.

So in this chapter we had some major progression. First off, the SH's have trained and all but they're still no match for an admiral.

Second of all, BIG MOM's GOING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see some battles.... And it's always cool to see big ship vs. little ship. I wonder what their ship's called.

Third, they are going to Zo as planned and Nami gives an analogy of cards because this is a card-themed arc!

Fourth, Jean Bart and Bepo are coming back soon! (Prolly in another like twenty chapters, u know Oda.)

Fifth, Why did Kin'emon want to go to Zo? Prolly make a prediction of the overall future events in the arc this week.