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I haven't written a blog since, what, chapter 745? And haven't been active on the wiki (not that I was ever that active here) because I felt that these chapters kinda sucked. OK, yeah, great art, huge attacks, colloseum people, Pica's high voice, arguing over who will kill Doffy blah blah blah blah blah. And now one of the characters I have been most anticipating for, Kanjuro, has appeared! That's already a plus for this chapter. I'm glad Kanjuro didn't turn out to be just a badass Samurai but he is quirky like Kin'emon and has a cool devil fruit. I don't know, Kanjuro and Kin'emon's "devil fruits" ( I don't want to spark an argument about 'it's a devil fruit for sure, what else could it be, no speculation guys' but I just wish that not everything would be devil fruits)

Kin'emon and Kanjuro's powers seem similar, both of them turn something into something else ( a bit general but who cares) and I think that it might actually be 'magic' or something that is NOT a devil fruit. It might be wishful thinking, but I really hope that they're not devil fruits and some sort of special sorcery from Wa.

Zoro was badass, that was okay. And wow, he just did an attack that's thirty times stronger than his original 36-pound cannon. Hats off to him. Well okay, at least it's not like Goku who becomes, like 400 million times more powerful than he was originally.

The thing that I was most interested in this chapter were the strange soldier skull puppet things. They look awesome and they remind me of Thriller Bark zombies and that skeleton Kyuukimon guy from FT. It seems that they're going to be pretty cool enemies with interesting powers.

This was a pretty good chapter in my opinion. Not great, but pretty good. Hopefully we'll get that FLASHBACK sometime, damnit!!