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The underground garbage dump

Hawkinz340 October 16, 2013 User blog:Hawkinz340

First things first, the cover page was damn awesome. It's still speculation, but that guy is 99% Drake. I mean, it could be a SMILE from Kaido's army,but why bother? That probably means that he is with Kaido. Whoever did the blog about it was right. Anyways, moving on to Momonosuke. He saw Joker torturing some gladiators for not giving a good fight and then he got traumatized. So yeah, why the hell they want to capture him I have nada theories anymore. And to the best part of the chapter: The foreign competitors that didn't win got dumped into the toy garbage dump. Now I'm thinking: Maybe from here they get transported and made into toys? But probably not. I think the toys are only Dressrosans. So they have to set aside their differences and Try to get out of the place where the walls cannot be broken by King Punch. Wait, basement of Colosseum = SMILE factory, right? So is that where they are now? That would be awesome as hell. Rebecca is way too good. So, yeah. I'll probably make a chapter prediction this week.

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