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Some of the most fascinating characters in my opinion are THE BROKERS. Was one of those guys Hawkins, or was that just wishful thinking... There were two brokers that sort of look like him, one guy with sunglasses and a hat, with long light hair, and another guy with long light hair as well, with his eyes hidden and a cape. He also had a sword.

I also like the guy with the bird mask and his trio, and the so-called 'Jack' who is a partner or accomplice of the horned broker. I have a feeling that they will play their part in this arc/saga, because they might be interested in Caesar for his Shinokuni. Talking about Shinokuni, it kind of disappointed me that it could be broken so easily. What's the point of it then? Though I guess you have to have Hazmat suits to go in there.

So, that's my hope... I'm very intrigued by the whole Underworld thing and this might make the connection to Big Mom as well, because Tamago and Pekoms were brokers as well... Basically, the whole New World saga is probably gonna be a web of interconnected things, and that's gonna be awesome!