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Kaijo: Edward, wake up!

Edward: Unhhhhh....

Kaijo: Get up! There's an emergency!

Edward lifts his head from the pillow and rubs his eyes.

Edward: emergency, wha?

Kaijo: Yes, run to the town and hide!

Edward: Gramps, promise not to get hurt.

Kaijo: Don't worry, Edward.

Edward: See ya, gramps!

Edward runs out of the house

Kaijo: what are Davy Jones's greatest enemies, the Juki Pirates, doing here?

Kaijo opens a closet and pulls out a decorated sheath. He unsheathes the sword with a smile.

Kaijo: I'm trusting you to help me, Shodai-kun.


Edward runs into the city.

Edward: where should I go? Oh, I know I'll climb the tall tree in the town plaza!

Edward runs to the plaza, but stops in his tracks. In front of him is an incredibly tall man with a malicious smile and pitch black eyes. He has long black hair, a sleeveless shirt, and shaggy pants.

??? : If you are wondering why the plaza is empty, it's because I killed everyone who was here.

Edward: what is this huge power that I'm feeling? I don't think it's coming from this man. Could he be so powerful?

??? : I am Alonso, vice- captain of the Juki pirates.

Edward: the Juki pirates? Gramps told me they were bad, but they wouldn't just kill innocent people! Something's not right here.

Alonso: prepare to die, midget!

Alonso leaps in Edward's direction, and Edward barely dodges.

Alonso: A quick little boy you are! I think I should go on power level 2.

Edward: This guy is clearly capable of killing me. I should run.

Edward runs to the tall tree and starts climbing it.

Alonso laughs.

Alonso: they call me Alonso the monkey! My climbing abilities are superb!

Alonso jumps onto the branch that Edward is hanging on, and hits him in the ribs.

Edward: Ughhh!

Edward falls onto the ground, and a crack is heard.

Edward: Cough, cough.

Alonso: Now for the finishing blow!

Alonso leaps down from the tree,pulling his fist back.

Boom! Edward waits to feel the pain of the blow, but doesn't feel anything.

Edward: is this what death feels like? No pain at all? No, it can't be! I'm still here in the plaza!

???: sorry, kid. This guy got a little too confident in himself.

Edward looks up and sees a giant, at least ten meters tall, smiling at him with missing teeth.

??? : the name's Nark, and I'm the real vice - captain of the Juki's.

Edward: The Juki Pirates?!

Nark: Yeah.

Edward tries to get up and run away, but he can't.

Edward: so this was the power that I felt then... I gotta run.

Nark: don't push yerself, kid.

Nark picks Edward up.

Edward: No!

Nark: What, ye afraid of strangers?

Edward: No, Kaijo told me to run if I meet the Juki Pirates!

Nark: Kaijo?!

Edward: Yeah.

Nark: Uh-oh. If we don't hurry, my captain and him will kill each other!