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Well then, I'm doing a series of Stories of characters in One Piece and their backgrounds. (Maybe I will just do one).

Anyways, the first one is about Whitebeard(as you probably guessed by the title). Here is the prologuish first part. Hope you guys enjoy!

64 years ago- West Blue, Zoozoori Island

When the pirate ships sailed by Zoozoori island, Edward was always the first to sprint out to come and look at them. Pirates fascinated Edward. Their black and shiny flags, their hearty and cheerful crewmates, their hard-core determination. Edward wanted to become a pirate for three reasons: He really wanted to explore the world, travel across the seven seas and discover new places and people.  The second reason was that he wanted family. His parents were killed when he was just 4 years old. His father was a carpenter and his mother a biologist. They decided to take a vacation and left Edward with his grandmother. When they were coming back from the North Blue, they happened to sail by a World Noble's ship. The World Nobles shot their small dinghy down, mistaking his father's black jacket that he had hung to dry as a pirate flag. If it wasn't for one kind-hearted Marine, Edward wouldn't have even known what had happened. The third reason Edward wanted to become a pirate was because he wanted to destroy the World Nobles.

After his parents died, Edward went to live with his grandmother, who died herself a year later. Because his parents were single children, Edward went to live with his grandmother's cousin- and old man named Kaijo. Kaijo often talked about his younger days, when he had been an apprentice in the crew of the legendary pirate, Davy Jones. Whenever the Jones Pirates met another pirate crew, they challenged them to a strange contest - his captain had called it a Davy Back Fight. The crew that would lose would have to give up a certain number of crewmates. 

One time, the Jones Pirates encountered a crew so strong that Kaijo almost got transferred to them. In the end, the Jones Pirates won, and acquired a new crewmate, a young doctor named Kureha. 

That was Edward's life until he was ten years old - and that was a year that he would not forget for his whole life.