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Wow! The last three chapters were kinda quiet but this was was just amazing! First of all, Pica. My mouth dropped when I saw his huge stone transformation. In the beginning when something came out of the wall, I was like: Señor? But no, it is effing Pica of the spade seat. I'm pretty sure this is a Logia, and that's just plain awesome. Diamante's fruit was kinda lame. I mean, flags? I see how it could be useful. Turning steel into a cape seems kinda cool but I thought his fruit should be something with the sun or something because he's a sunflower. The real fighting fish have been brought into the ring! That means the other ones were just little babies? Aawwww... Anyways, these guys are bosses and they're tough. I saw one of them with 01 printed on his forehead, which probably means he's the toughest of the tough. I'm pretty happy that this tournament isn't just regular fighting. I'm imagining Diamanté and Sabo ridin around on these fishies shouting yeeha! And throwing attacks on one another.

Ok, so we got a clue to Sabo's power in these chapter. He easily dodged a fighting fish, which is pretty good but it's not that amazing. I guess nobody thought Sabo would be really weak but everyone wants to know if he's stronger than Luffy, like really OP or of he's good but not Luffy's level. I wish he'll just be superrrr powerful and defeat Diamanté easily.

Luffy bursts into the palace as expected of him and Doflamingo is losing control. He thought he was on top of things, bluffing his exit from the Shichibukai and baiting Luffy to go into the colosseum only to trap in order to have one less foe. But, the revolutionaries came and Doffy is going bananas. I really like seeing these parts where this control freak suddenly loses control. He was no regular villain. H planned things meticulously in order to get to where he is now. But, things are crashing down around him.

Soldier is getting beat up by Lao G. But who actually cares?

Overall, the chapter was aweeesooooome, especially Pica (They call him peeker in the mangareader translation. What, is he playing hide n' seek or something?