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After browsing a forum or two, I have come to the conclusion that Trebol isn't a Logia! Hurray! (Because this Logia spiel was getting way too cheap lately) and what the hell was his 'element' supposed to be? Goo? Turns out he's just a snivelling snot-head who coats himself with some goo to raise his confidence. Isn't that wonderful? And Law ONCE AGAIN proves that he isn't going to die anytime soon! :)

A crazy, Haki-filled battle of wits and kicks ensues between Doflamingo and Luffy, after which there is a mini flashback, explaining that after Doflamingo was INSANE and having delusions of ultimate power these four musketeers arrive and nurture his delusions even more? Crazy stupid. In the end, we understand that even though Doflamingo calls his executives his 'family' he's just a crazy piece of shit who thinks he is the king of the world.

Excellent chapter in my opinion, the fight is heating up (literally) and may explode soon enough. And what of Sabo, the knight Clad in flames? Will he rise to the occasion and do something useful except being really awesome? Only time will tell.... :o