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We got one of the things I really wanted - basically all the people that we're going to have personal battles against, Sugar, Jora, Lao G, Mach Byse, Senor Pink, Dellinger, Buffalo,Baby 5, Gladius, Pica, Diamante and Trébol.

The shortened chapter: Franky fights Señor, a perfect match on their level of perversion, and Robin and Usopp find the underground harbor. Yay! Anyway, let the fights begin! I really want to see all these fights, but I won't make predictions. Gladius and Pica's powers interest me especially. Maybe cuz they're the commando unit Gladius blows himself up. Anyway, the Executives don't seem that strong. Franky, Nami and Usopp defeated (well not REALLY defeated but they could have ) Baby 5 and Buffalo pretty easily, and without using all their strength. How caring those ladies are... They didn't want Senor's mouth to get dirty... What is he, like a gangsta baby? Anyways, it would be cool if Franky shot a beam from his cannon hair.... :)

So prbly all the executives have DFs or else it will be boring... Wait, Vergo is the highest executive right? Not higher than the Superrrrrrrrrrrr executives, I think. Or else the fights will be boring...

I want them to have cool Haki!

Bye. XD