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Kuzan is frigging awesome! I am soooooo interested at what he's at now that this chapter has been released! So, Jesus and BB were talking about Kuzan being as untrustworthy as that psychopath Shiliew. So that means that he is somehow cooperating with the BB Pirates. Back in Punk Hazard, someone said ( was it DD or Smoker, I don't remember) that he had strong connections in the Underworld, and I thought that he was in the Revolutionary Army. So, Kuzan is a super shady dude and I have a suspicion that he will be pretty important in this arc/ saga, maybe in fighting Big Mom or something. Blackbeard is awesome even as a snail! You have to admit... Is Kuzan trying to bring down the Gorosei? What is his motive? He probably joined the Marines because he thought they were good, but as he got higher up he understood how corrupt they were.

A quick note about the chapter, LUFFY HAS A GIGANTIC ARMY ON HIS SIDE!!!!! Awesome. He could also have Bartolomeo's Street gang with him if Bartolomeo allies with him, which will probably happen.