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Okay, this chapter was cool. Bartolomeo freaked out about Zoro as well, because he's like the first mate. And then Nami beats Jora with her thunder! And her cute outfit... Anyway, Brook doesn't even want to see her panties!? So Doffy isn't a Celestial Dragon anymore but he used to be...? I don't get it. I think that probably means that he was born a CD but he got thrown out or something and then when he was a kid he was alone... When he became bigger the Gorosei found out it was him and let him become a Shichibukai, so that the Tenryuubito wouldn't be stained by having a pirate in there. That's my theory. So Law fooled Joker, cool! He did a room and teleported the hell out of there with Shiza, and the Doffy came to kill the SHs. And then Sanji kicked him... SUGEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, that was such a cool panel. Oh, I forgot to say about the frigging cool Gladius with his exploding hat. That's pretty cool though... When he gets angry his hair pops up. So basically Violet has this thing where she can see 4000 km and shit and she said that 3000 marines are coming! They sent Fujitora, Bastille and still more? I guess Smoker seemed really urgent there. I'm hoping that Smoker, Tashigi, Coby and Helmeppo will be there. It would be badass! Great chapter, 9/10