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So yeah, Sabo is alive, and I'm calm.


I'm a Sabo fanboy! JK but I was sure all along that Sabo would be in the revolutionaries- and Koala, I wrote it in a fanfic some time ago. Wow! This arc is now THE BEST ARC EVER. Sabo, Koala and now this Sugar girl! ( so that's who they talked about in 718!) Are so frggin cool! So Trebol is probably pretty strong to be able to be trusted as a bodyguard for the MOST IMPORTANT COMPONENT IN DOFFY'S STRATEGY. So, he must be strong. But if Sugar falls unconcious, the people will remember things but they will still remember like, King Riku slaughtering them after taking there money. :0 But yeah. Bellamy is surprisingly loyal to his master. Like, Doffy beat him up 2 times and he's like: "I'm stickin with this psycho!" Dellinger got beaten by that fanboy? A disgrace to the Dellinger fans. I'm surprised Dellinger didn't join the Newkama instead of staying with that flamingo. Anyways, that toy fruit keeps you young forever... so in the end Sugar will be like Biscuit in HxH. Actually a 57 year old hag! TBC.

So basically, the plan is: Sneak into this highly protected room, defeat the effing powerful glue Trebol and punch Sugar senseless. And that'll work. Uh huh.

But for the main part, Sabo is alive. Yay! I mean, for me it was obvious that he would come back or otherwise... it would just be a waste of an awesome character! I am a kind of new OP fan but I have still waited more than a year, for this moment, for the time to come...

DAT FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol Enel