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Awesome! I've been dying to know more about the Void Century and every little bit I get makes me overjoyed. Now, I can't believe the Nefertaris were part of the Twenty Kings. Like, what were they thinking? They were such nice people. And to think that they belonged to an organization that later formed a super corrupt government. It was nice to get a confirmation that the Donquixote Family is part of the Celestial Dragons, but we pretty much already knew that. So basically when Doflamingo took over Dressrosa he was just reclaiming his lost kingdom that the Riku royal family inherited when the Donquixotes left to their Mariejois.

Now, I noticed something right now. The Nefertaris were in the Twenty Kings, right? So why the hell did they have a Poneglyph under their royal tomb? I mean, they tried to bring down the Ancient Kingdom, so why did they have a piece of text that they themselves forbid to research in their own backyard? It could be that Alabasta was a weak Kingdom and they had to join the alliance or they couldn't survive. Maybe they were actually interested in the Ancient Kingodm's culture but they would get pulverized if they stood alone in such a big war. It could also be that they were protecting it so that nobody could read it, that's why they buried it so deep. There are an infinite amount of possibilites. It could be that it actually doesn't matter at all and Oda just forgot about it. But I think that he wouldn't miss such and important detail. Something is going on there.

Except for that, really good chapter (I say every chapter is really good but whatever) Brook was badass, Cavendish pwned the crowd, and Kin'emon is 27? Also, Zoro doesn't know left from right. The side where you don't have swords :D