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Okay, this was actually a pretty good episode, like I expected. It started out with Zoro and Tashigi, with Zoro running into the gas and they ran into the gas. Zoro was like: How did the gas outpace me!? BECAUSE YOU WENT THE WRONG WAY, IDIOT! Anyways, There were a couple more little parts but then we got to the main part of the episode, Brownbeard attacking Shiza. I mean, how stupid can those satyrs be? Caesar was practically waving that syringe in front of their faces and they thought Chahige was just acting. He was like: Guhohoh- Guah! And they were just laughing. Idiots. That was pretty well animated, with him flailing his puny sword against Logia Caesar and tearing up there, unable to say what he really wanted to. And then Caesar told him that the explosion was his doing and he was totally shocked. I mean, he should have already figured that out. Caesar= evil, using children as expirements. That probably means that he blew up the island as well. There are no bounds to his Shurororoness. And then Luffy hits him with his crazy elephant gun and then Caesar told him about the secrets of the island, telling him that if he punches him, the Yonko and Joker will be after him. Luffy looks up and says: I always pick fights... That was just epic! I didn't remember that from the manga, but maybe it was there. So then he punches him again and the episode was over. It was overall pretty good animation to the episode and the punch/ battlish scenes were pretty good. I am really waiting for next week because Law's gonna cut up Buso-vergo and the whole island and say a cool speech!