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Law is the traitor! He did turn on the Straw Hats! Well, maybe not really, but he told them to go to Zo. But then why did he say that he was in an alliance with them, losing his Shichibukai status just to by time? Or maybe he actually did want to be in an alliance with them but is momentarily stopping it so that he can beat up Dolamingo. I mean, their main goal was to beat Kaido, so he didn't want to bring the SH's into it. Does he like them so much? Or does he want to duel one on one with Joker for "what he did to him 13 years ago" I'm hoping to see a flashback here with 13 year old Law-chan! :) Well, Sanji lost pretty easily against Joker with his magical cloud tied strings. (Is it just me or does that sound kind of weird?). That's how he can fly, though. He also has a string that can cut a tower, pretty damn cool. Oh, and also a meteorite. Fujitora likes Ramen?! That doesn't seem like him... So, I wonder what'll happen next chapter, and I really don't want to make a prediction coz I'm already tired of making predictions and then every episode that comes out I change my perspective... There isn't a break next week, right? Yay! But I want to see SMILEs battle with marines and pirates! That will be cool... Auuuuu, I have nothing more to say... :(. So now I'm gonna make matchups for the Dressrosa battles!

Luffy vs. Diamante, Joker

Zoro vs. Pica

Sanji vs. Trebol

Usopp vs. Gladius( or Baby 5? )

Nami vs. Baby 5

Robin vs. Jora

Franky vs. Machvise ( or Buffalo but probably Machvise )

Brook vs. Lao G

And that's it for my boredom ( I'm sorry if the matchups were similar to other matchup predictions but these were the most fitting I could find ).