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Recently I'm on a blog streak, so here's another blog.

What do you think Kaido's crew's name is?

DSP said: Beast Pirates

XDY said: Tyrant Pirates

I don't know, but what seems the most logical is Beast Pirates, because of Kaido's nickname: "Kaido the Beast".

It could also be just the Kaido Pirates, but I don't think so. So far all of the Yonko's crew names haven't been based on their names.

Charlotte Linlin- Big Mom Pirates. Not her name, but her nickname.

Marshall D. Teach- Blackbeard. Also his nickname

Shanks- Red Hair Pirates. Based on his nickname, "Red haired Shanks".

Edward Newgate- Whitebeard Pirates. Also his nickname.

So it most probably will be the Beast Pirates. Small chance of it being SMILE Pirates? Nah, don't think so.

Anyways, let me know what you think their name will actually be and what you think would be a cool name for them.

I think a cool name could be Monster or Nightmare Pirates.