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Now, I know we're not done with this (bloody) arc yet, but I feel that I can already look back on it with nostalgia and a fuzzy feeling in my tummy... ^^ But seriously now, it seems like Luffy and Doflamingo are finally going to have some one-on-one quality time for a couple chapters, the rest of the SH will be delighted at the fact that they succeeded in vanquishing this evil for, and then... du-DUN! The final, evillest, trick up the puppeteers sleeve - tentative title- which will leave Luffy fighting for his life! Happy ending! But what about Fujitora and the Marines, huh? Damn it, forgot about them. This arc's gonna take a while, isn't it? Me, in my bitterness, was beginning to think this was the worst One Piece arc since-ever! Until I looked at the gratefully written summary on this very wiki, and I thought, actually, this arc isn't that bad... Still, I'm biting my nails (not really) for the upcoming (pseudo) grand finale of the arc! Until the next chapter that has something of interest,

Yours, Hawkinz340