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Chapter 720 prediction

Cover Page: This time I won't run!

Page 1:

Gatz: After a long wait, due to the destruction of the arena, we are finally ready to commence the Block D Battle Royale!

Cavendish: I guess it's my turn...

Rebecca: I will save Soldier...

Bartolomeo: Hope you die in there, flower boy...

Page 2:

Luffy walks in to the balcony

Luffy: Wow! That was fun!

Cavendish: Hmph, I'll kill you afterwards.

Luffy, while picking his nose: Like you could.


Bartolomeo: Hehe... So you are Straw-Hat Luffy...

Page 3:

Luffy: Oh,you want to kill me too?

Bartolomeo: Unlike pretty boy there, I came prepared... Bartolomeo grips his suitcase.

Burgess: Wihahaha!

Luffy: Oh, Champion guy!!!????

Burgess: Yup, boss is actually pretty interested in your Devil Fruit as well, so prepare to die!

Page 4:

Luffy: No way you're taking my Gomu Gomu!

Burgess: Just kidding.

Bellamy stands in the corner. His Den Den Mushi starts to talk.

Diamante: Almost... Just a little more...

Down in the arena, Cavendish and Rebecca meet gazes.

Page 5:

Cavendish: I see you have determination, girl.

Rebecca: I'm much more determinated than you, idiot.

Cavendish is shocked: How could a girl not like me!?

Rebecca sneers: You aren't that pretty at all...

Cavendish: You crossed the line, girl! You are dead!

Gatz: Well then, Block D, start!

Page 6:

All of the contestants are seen.

Burgess looks at the arena. He jumps down, and the arena cracks again.

The crowd is shocked, eyes popping.

Burgess: Wihaha! I got tired of waiting! You didn't think I'd actually fight organized, did you!?

Page 7:


Cavendish: Idiot...

Rebecca: You won't take the Mera Mera from me!

Diamanté: NOW!

Bellamy prepares to jump at Luffy.

Page 8:

Under the Colosseum, Chinjao is drowning.

???: Uh boss, someone's coming this way.

???: What, already-ho!?

The spade seat guy and another man with a baseball cap, bat and flowing robes stand on the midst of a sea of dwarves.

Baseball guy: We should probably move the dwarves to the shelter.

Page 9:

Spade seat: I don't think he'll be able to penetrate the factory's roof, though.

A Denden Mushi rings. Spade seat picks it up.

Spade seat: Who is it- ho?

???: Boss, I just received info from someone in the colosseum that the man heading towards you is Chinjao of the Drill, who regained his pointy head.

Spade seat: THAT'S THE MAN THAT CUT THE FROZEN CONTINENT OPEN WITH HIS HEAD!? Bit I can probably deal with him- ho.

???: I'm sure you can, boss.

Page 10:

Spade seat: Because I am Espada, the best swordsman in Dressrosa!

Baseball guy: I'm sure you are, boss.


Baseball guy: You're being to under confident, boss.

Espada: That's right!

Dwarf: Is someone coming to save us?!

Espada: Shut up-ho!

Page 11:

Manshelly: oh, is it my hero Leo!

Dwarf: Yeah, it's definitely Leo-San and the others!

Baseball guy: Shut up, midgets. Bat-whip!

All the dwarves get whipped into another room. The door closes automatically.

Dwarves: Oh no! Not the lock-down room!

Page 12:


Baseball guy: I'm sure you can, boss.

On Green Bit

Doflamingo: What the hell did you say?

Law: What do you care?

Doflamingo: Oh, I don't really care. Just tell them... Not to mess with the Donquixote Family or you'll get killed.

Page 13:

Law: Hmm... I don't think so.

Fujitora: Hey, what about me!

Law: You, aren't you done with your meteors?

Fujitora: Not even close. My ability is the Paramecia ability of the Sougon Sougon no Mi. I can control gravity as I wish. Meteors are not the only thing I can bring down on you.

Law: Gravity...

Doflamingo: Interesting... Haha! This will be fun!

Page 14:

Law thinking: Dammit, these guys are way out of my league. I just hope Nami and the others can come and take Caesar.

Doflamingo: Well well, this game is getting more fun every moment. Gonna quit so early?

Law stands up: Did I say I was going to quit?

Fujitora: Hm.

A rumbling is heard.

Fujitora: what is that?

Doflamingo: It's those shitty dwarves again..

Page 15:

Fujitora: Dwarves? That sounds cute.

Doflamingo: Not cute at all. Those guys pack a powerful punch. They are just a pain in the ass.

Doflamingo picks up his Den Den Mushi : Hello, Jax? Take care of those dwarves, will you?

Doflamingo: Well, that's been taken care of.

Under Green Bit...

Leo: This is called the Underground Tunnel..

Page 16:

Usopp: That's pretty original...

Leo: Isn't it!?

Usopp face palms.

Leo: This tunnel has been used by the dwarves for 900 years already, and has never been found.

Robin: ...

Leo: It is the pride and joy of our country!

Suddenly a hole in the ceiling foms.

Page 17:

Leo's eyes pop out, as well as Usopp's.

Leo: Th-they found us!!!!

Top-hat guy: We knew where you were all along, we just didn't care much about you.

Usopp: Who's the creep!?

Leo: He is the Donquixote Family's chief sniper, Jax Dreider. (In a previous prediction I called him Frizdel but now I changed his name).

Usopp: Does he think he's a better sniper than me!?

Page 18:

In Dressrosa:

Dwarf: Fraland, we've prepared you ice-cold cola!

Franky: Oh, thanks!

TSoR: Rebecca...

Franky: Oh, who's that woman?

TSoR: She and I...

Franky: Wait, isn't that... The guy from Blackbeard's crew!?

TSoR: I must go to help her!...

Franky: Luffy will handle it...

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